moon P-3009 | P-3009N
Estudi Ribaudi
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P-3009 | P-3009N
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Luminaires sur pied-Lampes de lecture
Luminaires sur pied-Lampes à LED
Luminaires sur pied-Matériau métal
Luminaires LED-Luminaires sur pied LED

Description du produit

Lampadaire avec liseuse integrée. Bouton variateur sur la tige et interrupteur du bras de lecture sur son réflecteur.

202H-MAX 63W-33,5D Hal 160W + LED 3W

Famille de produit


The Moon collection comprises a reading wall sconce, a halogen standard lamp, reading arm and different combinations of a single piece where two points of light establish an aesthetic dialogue, like a moon orbiting its planet. Manufactured in metal with chrome, black lacquer and nickel finishes, is reminiscent of a full moon. P-3007 is a standard lamp with an adjustable arm whose circular shade houses the switch. It gets a touch of colour from the red power cable housed in the lamp's arm and the handle on the shade with which the light is positioned as required. P-3008 is a metal standard lamp featuring a totally adjustable circular shade. It has a perforation reminiscent of a lunar crater. The dimmer switch comes in button form, and is housed on the main unit of the piece. The P-3009 model is a combination of the two models above and is a standard lamp which also has a reading arm. In this version, Estudi Ribaudí has created a Luminary where "two points of light establish an aesthetic dialogue, like a moon orbiting its planet". Moon is mysterious, seductive and offers lunar magic and beauty par excellence.