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We at Benthem Crouwel take a realistic view of our work. Our ideas seem to have lost nothing of their value after 25 years. Good architecture begins with clear thinking, better solutions come from digging deeper. Which is why we like clients who ask questions and have opinions of their own. We are not after sensation and extravagance but seek the core of the matter. This, in our experience, is how to achieve designs that steer clear of the

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Next Stop: new bus-station architecture

Simon Keane-Cowell


Summer's here. Let's take a trip! Traditionally the poor cousin to more grandiose transport-architectural types like airports and railway stations, bus-station design is moving into top gear.


Station to Station

Alyn Griffiths


There has been a dramatic shift in the demands placed by public transportation on contemporary architecture since the turn of the millennium – the need to square the burgeoning of passenger numbers that attends the unstoppable march of urbanisation