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Cultivating Personality: Montana

Dominic Lutyens


With 40 different colours and four different depths, the ultra-flexible MONTANA storage system not only offers space for your things, but also for your personality.

Beyond the pale: VOLA

Gerrit Terstiege


Even after fifty years, the revolutionary and iconic 111 mixer from Danish manufacturer VOLA is still embraced – and evolving, with a continually expanding colour palette.

Design flow: 50 years of VOLA

Dominic Lutyens


It's half a century since pioneering, Danish tap manufacturer VOLA first collaborated with design legend Arne Jacobsen. You wouldn't guess it, though, looking at their still-contemporary, architectural products.

Renaat Braem: Entre géométrie et fluidité



One of the leading architects of the 20th century, Renaat Braem combined a passion for expressive, fluid decoration with constructivist architecture at his private home and studio in Antwerp.

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