Architonic Digital Studio

To bring your products to your clients’ attention requires an element of both art and science, and a strong focus on digital visual merchandising. Contract business customers start behaving like end consumers and expect to have access to your full collection at any time, whereever they are. On desktop, mobile, social or point-of-sale.

You want to show your full collection; but what if your product is versatile and comes in many variations, colours, upholsteries?

In a joint venture with the best team of creatives in this field, we established Architonic Digital Studio. We create premium visual content, using photo-realistic 3D modelling techniques.

Start offering your collection in any fabric or material, even before production.


We re-create your product as photo realistic 3d file. You receive this file, as well as CAD files in the format you prefer (Autocad, Revit, Sketchup, Vectorworks, Archicad, Maya).

Your brand and 3D model get also uploaded to the render cloud: the main global source for 3d models, where render studios and architects get their 3d products for photo realistic renderings including real estate presentations.



Show the versatility of your product. Let your clients interact online: a sofa converting into a sofa- bed, a chair that can be rotated 360 degrees or a lamp that you turn on- or off. Get creative and keep your client on your product.


Architects and real estate developers impress their clients with spectacularly realistic photo renderings, videos and even fly-overs of their designs. When it comes to furnishing their project, our partner Designconnected is already the main source of 3D models.


We offer various methods for improving your visual online merchandising, including the development of configurators. Our key focus is on photo realistic display. Give your clients the luxury of seeing your full range of product options.


1. You receive a checklist. We ask you to send us any input you have about the product: this can be dimension drawings, samples, photos and material samples. We may ask you, during the process, for additional photos of particular details.
2. If your product is upholstery, then we ask you to choose one of the fabrics from our premium branded textile collection or send a sample of your bespoke fabric.
3. After receiving your input, it takes ca. 4 weeks for a regular order to be ready.

Start creating great content that your retailers will love!

Architonic digital studio services are subject to our general terms and conditions. Please request a copy by emailing us.

We are happy to send you detailed information. Fill in the following form or get directly in contact with us: + 49 30 36 42 88 20