ANIMAL FARM NO. 2 spreads a warm, soft, atmospheric light. The consistently glare-free source of light is LED which preferably illuminates surfaces next to it. So its ideally suited to illuminate table surfaces or gives great reading light in a sitting or laying position. This brass light is handmade and available in a limited edition. Each object is produced in our studio in the historical renown Werkbundsiedlung Neubühl in Wollishofen in Switzerland after order received. We then label it with STRALA, design year and serial number.

Magnificent metamorphosis by minimal destruction
With the series ANIMAL FARM I studied the vulnerability and convertibility of structures. By ripping, squeezing and stretching I went to the limits of the materials possibilities and thereby changing its shape sustainably. How does the material react to these forces and where is its weak point? How do I cause a magnificent metamorphose by minimal destructiveness? It is not my intention to forcefully impose the material an arbitrary shape as it is done with car scrapping. ANIMAL FARM is about transformation and mutation by applying only minimal, but precise force.

It is a tightrope walk between strength and vulnerability within the material. ANIMAL FARM NO. 1 consists of a conventional brass pipe which is slit along the center. The slit ends in a boreholing which forces the energy to move around the crack so that the metal cannot further tear apart. Interestingly enough, the material opens effortlessly like a shell. What emerges are new, yet familiar forms similar to the diversity in the animal kingdom.

Brass, Concrete
H x W x L = 194 x 61 x 50.5 cm

Tom Strala