FiDU football - a modular object, a more than 4m diameter icosahedron, explored the application of such characteristics as planned contour control, precision and rigidity in FiDU. In this case, high precision was required. 90 elements in total were produced. This project was the first successful completion of a refined, precise, three-dimensional construction from FiDU elements.
This is where one often overlooked feature of the basic technology is brought to the fore - FiDU is a sophisticated combination of digital and laser production techniques tailored to produce the highest possible accuracy in forming technology, in which the level of precision loss is taken into account deliberately.
Building an object like this in steel requires high precision and stability of joining elements. A series of paper models was elaborated to help find and evaluate the best option for a node between the football’s beams. We needed a node that could join three elements going in three different directions and that could work well with the changing geometry of FiDU element, yet stable enough to hold many parts in one piece.