The long period co-operation with the City of Växjö, Sweden, started with a lighting solution for the city centre. Several parts of the city are now illuminated according some guidelines which are a real manifesto of Olsson & Linder’s approach to the so called social lighting.

Avenues, smaller streets, the main square, the bus station were completely re-designed through a conscious and responsible use of light, focusing on themes such as visual comfort, energy saving, the safety and quality of life of inhabitants. The final goal was also to demonstrate how, with the combination of lighting design in a broad sense (material, colour, shape, etc.) it’s possible to highlight future transformations and create unique features in an area of the city during a transition period between planning and implementation. A long process that often run for several years and that the residents in the area have little or no access to.

You see no change and find it that nothing happens. The project goal was on the contrary to involve people in the process, developing concrete proposals and ideas not only for the present, but also for the future. A concept that Olsson & Linder will deep in the following years as leading exponents of the social lighting movement.


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