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Conceived of as a discreet and super-stylish location and getaway on the Camps Bay strip, this project is set to become the destination of choice for those “in the know”.

A unique palette of granite, slate, timber and glass has been brought together in elegant simplicity in an attempt to make rooms and relaxation spaces desirable to those who appreciate stylish accommodation backed up by discreet, luxurious service.
Add to that the fact that all that makes Camps Bay the international destination of choice, POD is set to redefine the boutique accommodation business in Cape Town and set the benchmark for those going forward.
Fifteen rooms, sharing the glory of mountain and sea views, present the pinnacle of modern design and architecture. Raw yet polished. Relaxed yet wholly refined. Together instilling a sense of seaside sophistication so often attempted, so rarely achieved. It’s little wonder POD takes its place among Tatler’s 101 Best Hotels in the world.

Design team:

Architects: Greg Wright Architects

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