Communicative working worlds

In the course of the first of two construction phases, open office space was created in interconnected buildings for 1,200 workstations. feco supplied and installed 7,360m² of system partition walls for the project. Of these, approx. 2,000m² are flush-mounted double glazing with larch veneer supporting frames and slender circumferential wooden strips with a face width of only 10mm. Approx. 1,000m² have been realised as fecoplan all-glass construction and approx. 3,700m² as fecowand closed wall areas.

In order to achieve good room acoustics in the office floors, which are constructed with sound-reflecting concrete-core tempered exposed ceilings, feco installed 1,280 fecophon absorber panels with an object-specific fabric covering. The office space is divided into acoustically separated areas without sacrificing the open communicative basic structure. fecoair overcurrent elements are integrated into the fabric-covered walls with special slit outlets. Structural glazing constructions with wooden supporting frames create office landscapes with a natural character.


Ortner & Ortner Baukunst, Berlin

Property Owner / Client

W&W Campus Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG

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Productos utilizados