Unifor – Work environments

Unifor designs and manufactures office furnishing systems to meet the needs of an extremely demanding market, responding to highly complex requirements with elevated standards of specialization and product flexibility. Acting as both manufacturer and design laboratory, Unifor researches and investigates original solutions capable of satisfying specific project requirements: series products and special orders, custom designs and personalized creations. Innovative in terms of form, technology and product type, Unifor products are made using industrial design components with high esthetic and functional content, carefully selected materials and advanced processing methods.

The Unifor factory is a place of both, design and production, where cutting-edge manufacturing processes coexist with artisanal know-how. Specialization in large-scale projects, an all-embracing international presence and a close collaborative relationship with the designer have always characterized the activities of the company, which, from the very beginning, has always made architectural projects and industrial design the principle focus of its research and development strategies.

Unifor, winner of the 22nd Compasso d'Oro Award (2011)