Sebastian Knorr (43), together with Heiko Ostmann and Moritz Knorr, is the founding partner of tecDESIGN in the United States and tecARCHITECTURE in Switzerland, and tecHONG KONG. He is the head of design for the combined companies and the CEO of tec in Los Angeles.

In 2000, after winning the International Design Competition for Pier40 in New York, tecARCHITECTURE moved from New York to Los Angeles.
Since then tec has built, and is currently working on, multiple national and international projects on various scales, in Europe, the United States and Asia. Sebastian has won various national and international competitions and awards, including the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles, Honor Design Award 2006, and the “NEXT” L. A. AIA Award 2007 .

He has been the lead designer on tec’s various international projects. tec's expertise and experience, having researched and practiced sustainable design since the early 1990's connects the various projects and recemtly led to "ECO-CITY" comissions in Europe and Asia, with a special emphasis on climate neutrality. tec’s projects and designs are being published in newspapers and magazines all over the world. They are being described as “icons of modernity” and as works that reveal “a craftsmanship of the third millennium”.


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Winner of the 2006 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE /Los Angeles Design HONOR Award.
The Downtown at Marina Bay - Singapore, 2004 (1. Prize)
Architecture Gallery Aedes - Berlin, Germany
DAZ Exhibition Glashaus - German Center - Berlin, Germany
AIA International Committee Los Angeles Introductory Lecture
Union International des Architectes, Architecture and Water, International Ideas Competition, Honorary Mention
Special lecture, exhibition for “Capital of Culture” studio, Regensburg
Pier 40, International Competition, Hudson River Waterfront Development, New York City, USA, 1998 (1st prize)
Goree Memorial and Museum - Dakar, Senegal, 1998 (with B+P, 3rd prize)
Design Award of the Bavarian Construction Industry for Krae House, 1998 (3rd prize)
Dalmannkai - Hamburg, Germany, 2003
Il Cuore di Milano - Milano, Italy, 1999
Landeszentralbank - Halle, Germany, 1997 (with B+P, 1st prize)
Otto v. Guericke University - Magdeburg, Germany, 1996 (with B+P, 1st prize)
Kindergarten - Frankfurt, Germany, 1991 (with Mc Donough, 1st prize)
Orgatec 2002 Pavilion - Cologne, Germany
European Patent Office - Munich, Germany
Van Alen Institute 1999 - New York City, USA
Art Gallery Lindinger+Schmidt - Regensburg, Germany
Sarajevo Concert Hall competition at the Biennale - Rome, Italy