Photographer: © Annemarijne_Bax


At first sight Siba’s vases, jugs, goblets, pots and tea sets strike you as ancient relics, but a closer look reveals a surprising choice of material and detail. Siba works with overlaying strips of paper and felt to create the most intricate shapes. The thin layers of paper and felt evoke the slightly fluted surface of a ceramic produced on a potter’s wheel. Her process-based designs do not only translate one material into another, they also translate cultural heritage into tangible, everyday items. In this way historical fragments lost in time and space are giving new significance by linking them to contemporary design. Siba’s award-winning work has gained international reputation and gets frequently displayed and published in Europe and oversees.


Papercraft 2, publisher Gestalten, Germany
Hands On! Dutch design in the 21th century, publisher d'Jonge Hond, The Netherlands
The New Artisans, publisher Thames & Hudson, England
Green Design publisher Braun, Germany
Curatorial Cooking // The Design practice of Platform21, publisher ArtEZ Press in collaboration with Premsela, The Netherlands
Papercraft, publisher Gestalten, Germany
Paper Art, publisher Artpower International Publish Co, China

Newspapers and magazines
La Republica, Italy
RUM, Sweden
Vogue Living, Australia
Elle Wonen, The Netherlands
Elle Decoration, China
Elle Decoration, England
Elle Decoration, Indonesia
Elle Decoration, Thailand
Elle Decoration, Maison Française
Seasons, The Netherlands
Schöner Wohnen, Germany
Wohnrevue, Switzerland
Eigen Huis & Interieur, The Netherlands
Items, Netherlands
Close Up, Greece
Art & Design, China
VT Wonen, The Netherlands
Residence, The Netherlands
Belle Mode, Israel
GDS magazine, Germany
PapeRunway, Australia

Blogs/websites (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)


Honorable mention: Green Dot Awards, Los Angeles, 2011
First price: Most Remarkable Repair Contest, Platvorm 21, Amsterdam, 2009
First price: Comeseedo, Berlin, 2005


2012 (selection)

Basic Instincts, curated by Premsela, Dutch Design Council, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen/China
A Spatial Surprise, Mint, London/England
Galerie Ra, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Mirrors and Candles, Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode/Belgium
B29 Studio's, Edwin Pelser, Den Haag/The Netherlands

Fares and other locations
Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London/England
Basic Instincts, curated by Premsela in collaboration with the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem, Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem/The Netherlands

2011 (selection)

IAPMA, Odenwaldwald Museum, Michelstadt/Germany

Siba Sahabi/ Nel Linssen, Galerie Plaatsmaken, Arnheim/The Netherlands
Paperworks, The Civic Gallery, Barnsley/England
Galerie Ra, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode/Belgium

Fares and other locations
E2bP, Fuori Salone Milano, Mailand/ Italy
Pure Village, Internationale Möbelmesse, Cologne/Germany
Internationale Handwerksmesse, Galerie Ra, Munich/Germany
Paperporcelain, HYM at Magna Plaza, Amsterdam/Germany
Basic Instincts, curated by Premsela, Dutch Design Council, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin/Germany

2010 (selection)

De smaak van thee, Design Museum, Gent/Belgium

Paperworks, Bilston Gallery, in Wolverhampton/England
Paperficial, Galerie Craft2eu, Hamburg/Germany
Amateras, Art Alley Gallery, in Sofia/Bulgaria
The Opium Den, Direktorenhaus, Berlin/Germany

Fares and other locations
Asia Now, Dwell on Design, curated by Designboom, in Los Angeles/U.S.A.
European Prize for Applied Arts 2009 at EUNIQUE 2010, WCC Europe, Karlsruhe/Germany
World Art Paper, ArtByGenève, Geneva/Switzerland
Paperroad, IAPMA Congress, Wonju/South Korea
Inside Design, Amsterdam Design Days, Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Schwarz, Handwerksform, Hannover/Germany
Textiel Festival, Pieterskerk, Leiden/The Netherlands
Pensato A Mano, Spotti, in Mailand/Italy


Design festivals and other locations
Pioneers of Change, Governor's Island, New York/U.S.A.
Repairing, Platvorm 21, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
European Prize for Applied Arts, WCC Europe, Mons/Belgium
Inside Design, Amsterdam Design Days, Amsterdam/The Netherlands


Design festivals and other locations
Het Balkon, Zuidekerk, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Inside Design, Amsterdam Design Days, Amsterdam/The Netherlands


Talente, Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich/Germany