Saigata develops and produces spots, lamps and accessories for lofts and living rooms. The Saigata design has its roots in the film- and theatre spotlights of the 1930ies to the 1950ies, which was dominated by a rather functional industry design. The Saigata product range is geared towards interior designers and demanding private clients who seek large-scale lighting objects which also serve as technical sculptures.

Saigata also stands for exclusive and small series, high quality materials and craftsmanship and the possibility to contribute individual ideas to the product development process.

It all began with the need to furnish a loft apartment with lighting.

As the usage of traditional floor lamps was inappropriate due to the large size of the rooms, the thought to use large, old stage spotlights seemed to be the solution.

However, stage lighting is unsuitable for living areas as the heat emissions are too big and some models also have noisy ventilators to ensure cooling of the lamps. Some even used asbestos mats to control the heat emissions. Not really ideal for living rooms.

Thus, the idea to produce lamps in the style of old stage and industry spotlights which are suitable for living rooms was born. The Saigata spotlights and lamps combine lighting power with passive cooling and materials which are suitable for living purposes.

All our models are hand-crafted in limited and numbered series in our own workshop. As all components are produced in-house, it is also possible to individualise each and every spot and lamp. This starts with the selection of the colour but also includes the type of bulbs and the chosen materials as well as special mounting fixtures. Clients who wish even more personal lamps and spotlights are invited to join us in designing their unique model or to create their own limited series.