“Architecture must be background for the life.” (Dipl. Ing. Felix Schwake)
A goal is it space situations and above all multimedia needs of the everyday life, highly functional, to integrate into clearly arranged forms; in order to give to furniture the possibility, by calm clear forms of being able to become the back ground. To the back ground for the important, for the life. For this reason the designer Dipl. Ing. Felix Schwake works very puristic and deals very carefully with form and material color. He loves the clarity of simple geometry and lives its form language. Quality is in this context extremely important to it and a central goal of all work. For this reason all RECTANGLE Felix Schwake -furniture is manufactured by German carpenter masters in Germany. HISTORY: The innovative design studio „RECTANGLE Felix Schwake “was created 2011 by the degree engineer Felix Schwake in Dortmund and drives price- crowned design furniture out.

Felix Schwake understands architecture as background for the important, for the life. For this reason the enterprise works geometrically very puristic and deals carefully with form and material color. The designer lovesthe clarity of simple geometry and expresses this in its own, strong form language. Rectangle furniture takes itself back by calm, clear formsand prepares so for the user with ist multicolored, exciting life the fore ground. All works of RECHTECK Felix Schwake are received an innovative symbiosis from clear, elegant forms and highest functionality. Degree engineer Felix Schwake stressed expressly, how important to it quality is in the execution, then furniture is manufactured by RECHTECK by professional carpenter in Germany, individually for the clients.

The multimedia table „SUMMARUM “offers the possibility of accommodating all multimedia devices of an everyday working life more stylistically confident in unusual design. The intelligent and highly functional design of the table inside ensures for the fact that the desktop remains always free and cleared up. „SUMMARUM“ already with „the Interior innovation Award“ was distinguished 2011 and is for the highest German design price, which „design price Germany “2012 nominates. Visit us in our exhibition area in Bochum.

Individual measures gladly on request. - Solid wood (a great many sorts available, you contact us!) - Genuine wood veneer (a great many sorts available, you address us!) - Ral of tones jointless lacquer finish in high polish matt silk matt - Ral of tones HPL - Ral of tones KF-material in gloss and mini Perl