Our History
The Oval Partnership is the centre of a group of companies working on sustainable lifestyle projects across a variety of design disciplines. There include Architecture, Master Planning and Interior Design encompassing:
- Intelligent and green projects
- Retail and lifestyle design
- Heritage
- Transportation
- Community building
- Interpretative experience and prominent exhibition design
- Master planning for sustainability
Working with our network partners to ensure the optimum mix of skills pertinent to each project. We are able to provide seamless solutions from planning and architecture to graphic, branding and interactive design.
Fundamental to our work is the principle that design disciplines must be used to address the real issues surrounding any given project, including the environment, society, the economy and the innovative capabilities of the available industry infrastructure. It is clear that much of what has been established in the built environment is not grounded on such fundamental considerations. This approach is not viable in the long run. The Oval Partnership therefore has at its core the idea that we must actively seek a new way of working for Asia founded on the principles of inclusion, sustainability and innovation.

Practice Disciplines
A multi-disciplinary practice
The Oval Partnership is a multi-disciplinary international network practice with extensive experience in both Europe and in South East Asia. Our core skills include:
- Urban planning and urban design
- Architecture and interior design
- Landscape design
- Street furniture and signage design

International and Regional Experience
Our staff have worked on major new town and architectural projects throughout the Asia Pacific Region. We have executed projects in over 20 countries, varying in scale from 250 hectares to 20 square meters.
Our staff are recruited both in Hong Kong and internationally, and have a very good understanding of the cultural and economic environment in the Asia Pacific region.
We have a good understanding of the legal and statutory requirements in Hong Kong, the PRC, and most other SE Asian countries. We are supported by our network of locally licensed architects or authorized persons in all countries in which we work.


Sustainable Lifestyle
Our mission is to drive and execute Sustainable Lifestyle projects in the Asia Pacific region to ensure a continuous growth in its social and economic capital.
It is our objective to design and execute pleasurable, desirable and financially feasible projects which embrace the principles of sustainability and which enhance standards lifestyle.
We involve the stakeholders in our projects – listening to clients, users and communities in order to achieve our core objective.
We attach a great deal of importance to environmental concerns, community development, economic sustainability, and sensitivity to culture and heritage. We use passive and active techniques and technologies, pursuing innovation in design to achieve our goals.