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Oskar Zieta has been awarded the Red Dot Award 2008, DMY Award for Innovation in production process 2008, the YDMI 2008, “Dobry Wzor” 2009, the German Design Council Prize 2009, the forum aid awards 2009, “Schweizer Design Preis” 2009 and technology Award - Materialica 2009.
His products are being exhibited, among others, in Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Museum für Gestalltung in Zürich, Pinakothek der Moderne München and Centre Pompidou in Paris.


Biennale Internationale Design 2010, St Etienne – “Prediction” exhibition (F)
Lodz Design Festival – “Underpressure” exhibition (PL)
Design PL, Prague (CZ)
Seoul Design Fair, New Collection 2010 (KOR)
Saatchi Gallery, Phillips de Pury exhibition space, London - “Projectory” exhibition (UK)
London Design Festival, Blow&Roll Installation (UK)
Museum of Design, Zurich – Make Up, Designing Surfaces exhibition (CH)
Maison et Objet Paris 2010 (FR)
Design Miani/Basel 2010 (CH)
DMY Berlin 2010 (D)
EXPO Shanghai – Plopp Stools at the Polish Pavilion (CN)
Saatchi Gallery, Phillips de Pury exhibition space, London - “Connectors” exhibition (UK)
Moss Gallery, NY - “Poetic Licence” exhibition (USA)
Salone del Mobile di Milano - “Young Creative Poland” exhibition (IT)
Tools Galerie, Paris – “METAL(s)” exhibition (F)
Stockholm Furniture Fair – Architonic Concept Space III (S)
IMM Cologne – Architonic Concept Space III (D)

Schweizer Design Preis 2009 (CH)
Materialica - technology Award 2009 (D)

LODZDESIGN 09 International Festival of Design in Lodz (PL) 

Young Creative Poland, London (UK)
Designers Polonais in Bruxeles (B)
2009 - DMY 09 International Festival of Design in Berlin (D)

International Design Messe Mailand, Superstudio Piu (IT)

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Award, Rat für Formgebung (D)

YDMI Award 2008 German Design Council (D)
LODZDESIGN 08 International Festival of Design in Lodz (PL)

DMY 08 International Festival of Design in Berlin (D)

Design & Emotion, Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe (D)

Red Dot Award, Product Design (D)

International Design Messe Mailand, HAY (IT)

Designparcours, International Design Festival München (D)

10xPL, Jeunes Designers Polonais (FR)
International Design Messe Mailand, SaloneSatelite (IT)

International Design Messe Köln (D)
International Design Award "Two by One" March 15th 2006, 1platz für Innovation (D)

Luftschloss, Der Wettbewerb zum 150 Jahr Jubiläum der ETH Zürich (CH)

Apartmenthaus in Sankt Moritz, 1platz im Architekturbüro J.Schilling (CH)

„Wohnsiedlung“, Sins (CH.) im Architekturbüro J.Schilling (CH)

IEZ Projekt Mappen Wettbewerb, Berlin 2002 2platz (D)

„Architektur der Zukunft“, UIA Berlin 2002 1platz (D)


Zieta Prozessdesign has its roots in the research concerning metal-sheets use in design and in constructions. Oskar Zieta has been working on the innovative technologies of metal sheets’ processing together with Philipp Dohmen at the ETH in Zurich. They have developed different techniques - among others FIDU.

What is FIDU:
FIDU stands for FreieInnenDruckUmformung - the Internal Pressure Forming - which implies inflating two steel sheets welded around their edges into a 3d object. It takes only two thin steel sheets to create a complicated and very durable 3d object from steel in FIDU. FIDU allows to create innovative, customized, individualized bionic shapes and fully recyclable objects using very efficient mass production processes and individualized shaping methods. It is the most flexible tool-less metal forming way ever. 

Development of FIDU in design:
FiDU technology gives plenty of opportunities. Every shape cut from 2d steel sheet can be inflated into a 3d object. After inflating, final objects can be bent, joined together, welded together or joined with different materials.
Fascinated by these possibilities Zieta Prozessdesign creates a FiDU alphabet – the new shapes are designed and categorized. Zieta experiments with sheets of different metals, with different lengths and widths of shapes, with different radiuses of arcs cut from the sheets and finally with different kinds of joints and knots between each element to fully control the forming process and conceive better design solutions.
Zieta Prozessdesign’s products fully reflects this approach. You will find some innovative bulges, bends, joints, bindings, proportions, finishes and colours.

Apart from innovative mass-produced design objects, furniture, eye-catchers and gadgets in FIDU, Zieta Prozessdesign offers limited editions of FIDU experiments: 

ZIETA Beta: 
ZIETA Beta is a section of products in their experimental and prototype stage. Zieta Beta products - although they are fully functional and available for sale they are still developed. 

ZIETA Limited:
ZIETA Limited is a section of Zieta Prozessdesign’s products made of highest quality materials and using the most innovative technology of their processing. These are exclusive limited series of objects available on special requests made of INOX steel, brass or copper. 

Ultra light constructions: 
FIDU technology can be applied to form new design shapes but also as an ultra-light construction of great weight-capacity for design and architectural elements. Payload for construction elements made in FIDU is up to 1:10 which means that a 100kg-heavy construction could carry a load of about 1t.