Architecture Philosophy - Ecotecture

Matteo Thun - Ecotecture philosophy. Of ecology, economising, quality of architectural design and the pleasure of using it. The word "sustainability", which we are now getting used to treating in "numerical" terms of energy efficiency, has a more complex meaning which cannot be confined to just technical and normative prescriptions.

Design Philosophy

Matteo Thun is convinced that people want functions. Although that implies a degree of material substance, his team strives to strip their objects of the form and body that might hinder mobility. He sees design essentially as the evolution of an architectural project: buildings need interiors, interiors need products, products need designers and manufacturers.



Timeline Topic Magazine
July Matteo & Susanne Thun Elle Decor - Italia
July 8 Matteo & Susanne Thun La Repubblica - Milano
July Tortona 37 in cantiere Ottagono
June Edelweiss Panoramaresidenzen Detail
June Tortona 37 - Mixed Use Buildings Home Review
June Alcantara - Lido Grazia Casa
June Tortona 37 in cantiere Deco Magazine
May Tortona 37 - Mixed Use Buildings Progettie concorsi/Green Building
May Vigilius Mountain Resort Panorama Travel
May Lavasca Mini - Rapsel Interni
May Tortona 37 in cantiere Donna Casa
May Therme Meran & Vigilius Geo
May Il Piccolo - Lace Carpet IdealesHeim
May Tortona 37 Il Sole 24 Ore
April Riva 1920 - Bever Seat Repubblica
May 37 Tortona in cantiere Elle Decor - Italy
May Il piccolo - Bagdad Carpet Elle Decor - Italy
May Zucchetti Isy & Fantini Venezia Elle Decor - Italy
May Matteo Thun Portrait Designer
May Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store GG
April 37 Tortona in Cantiere Repubblica
April Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store Wallpaper - U.K.
April Tortona 37 - Mixed Use Buildings Corriere della Sera - Italy
April Muse Catalano Arquitectura y Diseno - Spain
March Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store Frame - USA
March Radisson Sas Hotel Zurich Galatea - Italy
April Il Piccolo - Carpet Identity Dubai
19 April Riva 1920 - Kauri Table Corriere della sera
April Nhow Hotel Milan Area
April Matteo Thun Portrait Annabelle - Germany
April Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store 0 AIT - Germany
March Tortona 37 - Mixed Use Buildings Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy
March Airport Hotels Raum und Wohen - Germany
March Matteo Thun for Riva 1920 Stilwerk - Germany
March Matteo Thun Sonntags Zeitung
March Vertical Village Zermatt Annabelle - Germany
Febr. Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store Style Guide - Germany
Febr. Matteo Thun Portrait Vogue - Germany
Febr. Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store Architectural Record
Jan. Hugo Boss NY, New Concept Store AD - Germany