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The concept inspiring the new floodlight range DUEDIECI-DUEVENTI is based on the combination between advanced technical solutions and an unique design. In both the available versions - having different dimensions - the optics has been carefully studied to exploit the lighting potential of high power LEDs in the most efficient way, achieving a wide range of light beams. DUEVENTI is suitable also for metal halide light sources from 35W up to 150W, while the adjustable focus of the lamp guarantees flexible and highly professional lighting solutions. The floodlight is also fully adjustable on the axis of the fitting and on the axis of the optic group; in both cases, a goniometric scale is provided for a precise aiming of the beam. This feature, joint to the availability of various fixing devices (with components base, wall bracket, bar and spike), makes of DUEDIECI-DUEVENTI series a professional solution at 360° for architectural lighting. The body of the fitting is entirely realized in die-cast aluminium, and the optic part is always separated from the components housing, in order to assure a longer life and a higher efficiency to all the electrical components. Finally, the unmistakable design of DUEDIECI-DUEVENTI plays on the intersection of geometrical shapes like cone, cylinder and parallelepiped, combining with naturalness technical excellence and aesthetical requirements.