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  • NEW: Architonic Jobs 
  • Zbyněk Hřivnáč - One of Them
  • INTERIEUR 2012: Biennale in the City, City in the Biennale
  • ARCHITEKTUR 0.12: My Switzerland. My city. My architecture.
  • Inspiring search results on Architonic
  • The latest projects from our 'Architecture & Design' library

Czechoslovak Embassy in London, architecture and interiors by Jan Bočan, Jan Šrámek, Zdeněk Rothbauer, Oldřich Novotný a Zbyněk Hřivnáč, 1969; image courtesy of Zbyněk Hřivnáč archive

Our new service Architonic Jobs is going online at the same time as this newsletter will be appearing. This means that we -- as established intermediaries between the top segments of the architecture and design industries -- are now also making our platform available to those wishing to advertise a job vacancy and those looking for work. For more information please see the first section of this newsletter.
In our article "Zbyněk Hřivnáč - One of Them" we cast light of one of the most typical Czech representatives of the International Style. The majority of his designs were created as part of a collective with other designers and under the anonymous conditions of a large state architectural department, which explains why his work has remained for the most part unknown, even within his own country.
We also wish to attract your attention firstly to Interieur 2012 in Kortrijk, which under the title "Biennale in the City, City in the Biennale" consciously spans a bridge between the trade fair site and the city, and secondly to the Architektur 0.12 exhibition in Zurich, for which we are offering seven exhibition spaces at a reduced price and three free exhibition spaces.

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NEW: Architonic Jobs

As a leading professional source of information for architecture and design Architonic has always acted as an intermediary between the top segments of the architecture and design industries. We are now going one stage further and making our platform available to you for the purpose of advertising and looking for job vacancies. Architonic Jobs offers you the unique opportunity to reach the architecture and design scene simultaneously with your free ad.
As an employer the job vacancy you advertise will reach architects, designers and skilled experts from the design industry, who account for 70% of our 16 million annual visitors. If you are looking for a job your CV will attract the attention of leading firms of architects, design agencies and the best-established manufacturers and retailers in the design business.

Zbyněk Hřivnáč - One of Them

Armachairs for Czechoslovak OSN Mission in Geneva, design by Jan Šrámek, Zbyněk Hřivnáč and Oldřich Novotný, 1969; image courtesy of Zbyněk Hřivnáč archive

From a global view of history of design, the Czech design scene still remains at the edge of historical periods and styles. Despite that fact, some great Czech designers have found themselves in an international context in the past. Ladislav Sutnar and his postwar graphic work in the USA or Bořek Šípek and his variations of postmodernism during the late 1980s most likely represent the most famous Czech design examples. However, a lifetime work by Zbyněk Hřivnáč and his colleagues can be viewed as more international in regard to international style than anything else. Paradoxically, his work remains totally unknown even in the Czech Republic.

Czechoslovak OSN Mission in Geneva, interiors by Jan Šrámek, Zbyněk Hřivnáč and Oldřich Novotný, architecture by Karel Filsak, Karel Bubeníček a Jan Šrámek, 1969; image courtesy of Zbyněk Hřivnáč archive

Zbyněk Hřivnáč, who was born in 1932 close to Opava, Moravia, belongs to a group of creative minds that could participate in designs from the large architectural and interior commissions of the former Czechoslovak state between the 1950s and 1980s. Until recently, he has still been hidden in the anonymity of the large architectural offices, which were directly controlled by the state, as was usual at the time of the communist regime. His contribution to Czech modernist design and architecture is more complicated when we realize that Hřivnáč behaved as an independent artist in some projects. However, in other projects he is presented as a collaborator with some of his more famous colleagues, such as Jan Šrámek, Karel Filsak, Jan Bočan, Karel Bubeníček, and many others. In any case, the work of this group of architects and designers, headed by architect Karel Filsak, who accumulated great personalities to create a powerful group of designers and artists, is seminal for Czech design and architecture during the 20th Century.


INTERIEUR 2012: Biennale in the City, City in the Biennale

The Buda Tower on the Buda Island, one of the new city locations within the Biennale INTERIEUR 2012.

The Biennale Interieur, coming up in Kortrijk (Belgium) from the 20th to the 28th of October is now in its 23rd edition. Recognised as the only event of its kind to balance convivial cultural happenings with the biggest names in European design, Interieur has become an important overview of trends, tastes and cultural movements that define design now. INTERIEUR 2012 will present new city locations and an extensive programme with an exciting mix of culture and commerce.

'Future Primitives' installation proposal by Nendo (JP), one of INTERIEUR 2012's seven international guests.

The 23rd Biennale INTERIEUR 2012 will bring change and at the same time reinforce its connections with the avant-garde spirit of its creative roots. This year the Biennale breaks through the walls of the Xpo fairground and expands into the Buda Island in the city centre of Kortrijk, offering a selection of 300 carefully picked international exhibitors and an inspired cultural programme with exhibitions, 'Future Primitives' installations, custom-designed bars and a pop-up restaurant to name a few. The halls of the Xpo fairground as well as the new city locations will merge into one DesignCity with a continuum of lanes, diagonals, piazzas and unexpected places where installations, actions and encounters unfold. As curator Lowie Vermeersch explains: “A Biennale in the city, a city in the Biennale”.

ARCHITECT@WORK finally launches in China, Shanghai! 

ARCHITECT@WORK is a unique event designed exclusively for architects, designers, developers and corporate end users.  It is the only focused platform for this community in China.

Over 2 days more than 4000 visitors will attend to:
- be inspired by the innovations presented by 100 high quality manufacturers,
- be educated by a conference program fully endorsed by AIA and USGBC
- enjoy a industry gathering in a relaxed atmosphere with free food and drinks

A@W is an event for preregistered visitors only.


ARCHITEKTUR 0.12: My Switzerland. My city. My architecture.

Project: Cattaneo, former industrial area, Dietikon ZH, Switzerland, 2008 | Client: Reppisch-Werke, AG | © Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Photo: Jan Bitter

«Do all buildings designed by Swiss architects have to be boring?», asked NZZ AM SONNTAG editor-in-chief Felix E. Müller in a recent leading article, adding: «Unfortunately all new buildings look the same.» Is this really the case? The aim of the three-day ARCHITEKTUR 0.12 exhibition, which is taking place for the first time from 19 to 21 October 2012 at the Maag Halle in Zurich, is to provide an answer to this question. The producers of the exhibition, which is taking place this year for the first time and features 100 selected Swiss architects, are the successful creators of Photo12 and Grafik12.

OOS AG, Zürich, Switzerland | Project: The Cube | Client: Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG | Photo: Damaris Betancourt

Swiss architects now have the opportunity to demonstrate that modern architecture is anything but boring, and that internationally Switzerland is a pioneering country in modern architecture. At the ARCHITEKTUR 0.12 exhibition, which is taking place for the first time this year, over 100 selected individual architects and firms of architects have the possibility of presenting their current work to the wider public. The theme of the exhibition is «My Switzerland. My city. My architecture.». As one of the world's best-known interfaces between architecture and art, Switzerland offers the ideal preconditions for an innovative and successful exhibition.

The works on display at the ARCHITEKTUR 0.12 exhibition will be presented uniformly on white Sagex cubes - a format which keeps costs down for the exhibitors and is at the same time accessible to a wide public -- ranging from professional architects to the final customer. As media partner to ARCHITEKTUR 0.12 Architonic has the honour to allocate 10 spaces for the exhibition. From the projects which are submitted we will reward the three best ones with a free exhibition space, while the seven runners-up will receive an exhibition space at reduced price. Interested architects have until 9 September to apply to Architonic.

Apply for an exhibition space 



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