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Austrian architect Wolfgang Pichler came up with idea of designing a series of outdoor furniture in 2001, when was looking for some to use in his own garden. He intended the series to meet his own design standards and the requirements of a top quality product: the perfect synthesis of form and function would convey relaxation and quality of life in fast-moving times! In addition to high and uncompromising quality standards he wanted ergonomics,

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Concrete in Architecture (3): Furniture & Objects

Susanne Fritz


In what for the moment will be the last part of our "Concrete in Architecture" series the focus will be on the use of concrete in interior architecture, in particular for creating objects and furniture. .The attraction of concrete as a material is


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Das steirische Unternehmen VITEO gewinnt die wichtigste Auszeichnung zum Thema Design Management 2011 in der Kategorie Kleinstunternehmen.


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