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Getting closer with more open space: Tearoom & Co by ...



Serving hospitality and waiting spaces with comfort and support, MENU's Tearoom and Co Chair collections give users two more reasons not to leave…

Social revolution is on the MENU

Harriet Thorpe


As product design that tracks the movements of changing social space landscapes, MENU's multi-use Tearoom and Co Chair collection serve up shared interactions and flexible functionality for multiple users.

The art of working from home: MENU

Emma Moore


MENU’s new Fred Rigby Studio-designed The Eclipse Desk fulfils the highest demands in terms of work functionality, but also makes a powerful sculptural statement.

Architonic Story: MENU



Danish furniture brand MENU means business. Its Norm Architects-designed Snaregade Conference Table comes in a range of high-quality materials and with optional work-friendly features such as cable tray and seat runners. Watch the video to learn

Light on its feet: Co Lounge Chair by MENU

Alyn Griffiths


Continuing the collection’s legacy, the new Co Lounge Chair from MENU fits seamlessly into any setting, boasting a visually lighter design with a low-slung seat.

Steeped in sophistication: the Tearoom series from MENU

Alyn Griffiths


Welcoming curves and minimalist forms combine for a perfect blend of elegance and comfort in the newly launched Tearoom Series from MENU.

Drop anchor: Harbour Lounge Chair by MENU

Alyn Griffiths


The Harbour Lounge Chair, the latest addition to MENU's Norm Architects-designed series, extends an invitation to sit down and stay awhile with its wide back and spacious shell.

Stacked up: MENU

James Wormald


In collaboration with Norm Architects and Els Van Hoorebeeck from The Office Group, MENU created the Co Chair, a stackable chair suitable for multi-functional office spaces.

Cut out for comfort: MENU

James Wormald


Take a seat and take time out to enjoy reading or another activity in the Knitting Chair from MENU, a return to Ib Kofod-Larsen's modernist design known for its cut-out elbow rests.

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