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Light on its feet: Co Lounge Chair by MENU

Alyn Griffiths


Continuing the collection’s legacy, the new Co Lounge Chair from MENU fits seamlessly into any setting, boasting a visually lighter design with a low-slung seat.

Steeped in sophistication: the Tearoom series from MENU

Alyn Griffiths


Welcoming curves and minimalist forms combine for a perfect blend of elegance and comfort in the newly launched Tearoom Series from MENU.

Drop anchor: Harbour Lounge Chair by MENU

Alyn Griffiths


The Harbour Lounge Chair, the latest addition to MENU's Norm Architects-designed series, extends an invitation to sit down and stay awhile with its wide back and spacious shell.

Stacked up: MENU

James Wormald


In collaboration with Norm Architects and Els Van Hoorebeeck from The Office Group, MENU created the Co Chair, a stackable chair suitable for multi-functional office spaces.

Cut out for comfort: MENU

James Wormald


Take a seat and take time out to enjoy reading or another activity in the Knitting Chair from MENU, a return to Ib Kofod-Larsen's modernist design known for its cut-out elbow rests.

Light the way: MENU

James Wormald


The easy to install TR Bulb from MENU, designed in collaboration with Tim Rundle, features a flexible design that allows it to fit well into a variety of places, both literally and figuratively.

Top 10 Sofas at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018



The analysis of our daily users' behaviour gives us an insight into developments in the architecture and design markets, which we would like to share with our community.

Modern Talking

Bethan Ryder


Having established itself, through its collaboration with an impressive international cohort of designers, as a premium accessories brand, MENU’s highly considered, new Modernism Reimagined collection successfully positions the high-end Danish

AMBIENTE: accessories by architects

Johannes Hünig


AMBIENTE, the leading consumer-goods trade fair, is back, inviting visitors from around the globe to Frankfurt from 12 to 16 February, to discover the latest products, trends and inspiration from the world of dining, giving and living. It's the

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