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MDF Italia Spa es una firma de Milán, que se dedica al diseño y a la fabricación de muebles y complementos de Interiorismo. Está presente en 40 países y en las ciudades más importantes del mundo.
La compañia ha activado a partir de su establecimiento una estrategia renovadora y dínamica a nivel de empresa.
Eficiencia, internacionalización e identidad son las claves culturales que definen la filosofia de MDF Italia como empresa y

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Non Plus Ultra: the Interior Innovation Award 2013's ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


The biggest, the fastest, the smartest. When it comes to marketing-speak, there's nothing like a superlative to liven things up. Best of Best – the annual exhibition held at imm cologne of the category winners from the Interior Innovation Award


Systematic: furniture that grows on you

Simon Keane-Cowell


System furniture did what it's wont to do at this year's imm cologne: expand. A number of new and innovative furniture programmes, modular in nature, were shown alongside augmented and reworked old favourites. It's all about joined-up thinking.


Plastic - the mouldable material of modern chairs

Susanne Fritz


In the visual arts the term 'plastic' is used for any form of creation involving a medium that can be sculpted or moulded, but it is also the term for a type of material that revolutionised the twentieth century. Using a number of plastic chairs as


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