“The Loft”, the transformation of a warehouse into an office for 180 people.

What a transformation: German Company Wortmann has converted one of its outdated warehouses into a state-of-the-art office with a showroom. The almost windowless hall has been transformed into a light-filled workspace with open-plan layouts, furnished with Wilkhahn’s “IN”, “Stand-up” and “Stitz” chairs. Its crisply designed, versatile setting meets all the requirements of modern office spaces. The goal of the concept was to ensure people were more physically active themselves and to encourage greater interaction between people from different departments. In this process, any of Wilkhahn’s furniture that fosters movement, has various roles to play.

Project: “The Loft”, the transformation of a warehouse into an office for 180 people

Completion date: September 2015

Address: Klingenbergstrasse 1-3, 32758 Detmold, Germany

Floor space: approx. 2,800 square metres plus a 600-square-metre showroom

Client: Wortmann Internationale Schuhproduktionen, Detmold, Germany

Architect: Andre Rohde, Detmold, Germany

Interior designer: Antje Pegger for Friedrich Wackerhagen GmbH & Co. KG, Pattensen, Germany

Furniture: Motion-driven items like the Wilkhahn IN office chair, Wilkhahn’s Stitz sitting-standing stool and Stand-up

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