Dutch product label Weltevree will expand on their inventive collection with four new product launches, results of exciting new collaborations.

Known for their products that help activate and enrich the use of your environment, Dutch product label Weltevree will soon expand on their inventive collection. Collaborations with designers Joep van Lieshout, Tom Fereday, Lex Pott and Weltevree art director Floris Schoonderbeek, have resulted in four new exciting products. All made with durability in mind and with attention to a more conscious, social and content life.

A circular lounge island

The collaboration with designer Joep van Lieshout has led to the addition of the Flying Dishman. This lounge island is made out of recycled plastics in dark mixed green, making it strong and sustainable, as well as appealing to look at. The striking circular design allows for a 360 degrees view when laying on it and fits 2 to 3 people laying down. The name refers to the legend of the Flying Dutchman, who had to keep sailing and could not leave his ship, much like the busy life of the modern man. This lounge island, supplied with several Kvadrat fabric cushions, offers the ideal place to take a break.

Not an ordinary bistro set

The Spade Set is a bistro set, which consists of a round three-legged table and matching stools. The design celebrates a detail that is usually hidden but should actually be highlighted according to Australian designer Tom Fereday: the traditional spade junction. The legs are connected in a similar way to a spade’s socket connection and the unique top is formed out of a single piece of metal, pushing the boundaries of metal forming. Since the metal is zinc plated and powder coated, it is perfect for either indoors or outdoors.

Inspired by Swedish timber cladding

The collaboration with designer Lex Pott brings us the Rabat Shelving system. The inspiration comes from the iconic profile of overlapping wood of sheds and houses in Sweden. For the Rabat Shelving, this architectural technique has been turned around, creating a sort of shelf support in which wooden shelves are easily placed. By doing this, a functionality is created on the inside, while the exterior stays smooth, important to the look of a closet. It makes for a great room divider, as well as a uniquely refined closet for storing stuff outdoors.

Discover ecosystems nearby

Worth mentioning as well as the contribution to the new collection by designer and Weltevree art director Floris Schoonderbeek: the Local Habitat. This research dome calls for more attention to life in the nature of your surroundings. Place insects and other creatures into the bowl and discover and observe the life in your own temporary ecosystem: “the more you know, the more you care”.

Find out more about Weltevree

Weltevree believes in reconnecting with your physical and social surroundings and finding contentment close-at-hand. Products like the Flying Dishman, Spade Set, Rabat Shelving and the Local Habitat are born from this mindset. Meet Weltevree and these new products at Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan (Ventura Centrale, Via Ferrante Aporti 21, 20127 Milan)

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