‘Lighting is very complex,’ says 26-year-old Italian entrepreneur Piera Poser, which is why she and her team have developed a groundbreaking new AI-driven platform that helps professionals create optimal lighting designs while also connecting them with the perfect partners.

We all like to think that architects know everything. Please allow me to say this. I've met a lot of them over the years. Indeed, as the old trope goes, some of my best friends are architects. But there are certain competencies, like lighting planning and sound management for example, that even the most rigorously trained of architectural practitioners find challenging.

Enter Ayuppie, a game-changing, AI-powered tool for professionals that allows you to create inspired lighting designs for your projects, as well as connecting you with the right manufacturers and retailers. ‘Lighting is very complex,’ says 26-year-old Italian entrepreneur and company CEO Piera Poser. ‘It involves specific skills, regulations for compliance. You have to know what products are available, which manufacturers can give you solutions. You have to configure products, make lighting calculations. It's a mess.’

Poser likens Ayuppie to Shazam, the music app that identifies music tracks you love but where you're unaware of who they're by and what they're called. In short, it tells you what you don't know. ‘On Ayuppie, you start with images for inspiration,’ explains Poser. ‘We then bring you from that style concept to solution.’

But what's the journey exactly? Watch the video to find out how you can discover, plan, get a quotation and order all within the Ayuppie eco-system. And bring your clients in, too, to marvel at your work.

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