The new LED Warm Dimming (DT) technology can be used to change the lighting to meet the technical and design needs of the moment, creating a pleasant, halogen dimming effect.

This soft or accent lighting is perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, wellness centres and homes.

The illuminance and the colour temperature of the LED Warm Dimming luminaires are located in the comfort zone of the Kruithof curve, and as a result lighting conditions are pleasing and relaxing, without appearing bluish or reddish.

The quality of the colour rendering is fundamental because it affects both the perception of the items being lit and the décor and composition of the space. The Warm Dimming technology can be used to dim 2000K to 3000K luminaires, at the same time keeping an excellent CRI (up to 97), as well as having an exceptional R9 value (up to 92).

It comes in two wattages – 13W and 34W – to adequately light environments of different dimensions:

- the 13W version has a luminous flux of 105 lm at 2000K, and 1000 lm at 3000K;

- the 34 W version: 155 lm at 2000K, and 2860 lm at 3000K

The Warm Dimming Temperature technology is available for the Trybeca recessed system (soft lighting) and Yori projectors (accent lighting) and phase-cut dimmable driver, dimmable driver (1-10V) and DALI dimmable driver can be adopted for both luminaire ranges.

On request, Warm Dimming technology is also available for other ranges.