The new wireless module PULSE TALK from Waldmann allows luminaires to communicate with each other in groups. It requires only a few simple steps to set up, thus increasing user convenience significantly.

In modern office environments with presence and daylight-controlled lighting, "light islands" can arise due to changes in the number and location of employees in a room: with the exception of the occupied desks, the whole office remains unlighted. Experience has shown that most employees find such a scenario unpleasant. For that reason Waldmann has developed a retrofittable wireless module that allows luminaires to communicate with each other and exchange presence information. Several luminaires working together as a group can thus create a light scenario that contributes to a more pleasant work atmosphere.

The main distinguishing feature of PULSE TALK is its simple operation and installation. Its application doesn’t require any specific preconditions in the building, as is the case with wired systems. The individual luminaires have an automatic teach-in function and can be easily assigned to a group without the help of external software. Integrated in the building automation, PULSE TALK realizes high energy savings.

Wireless module PULSE TALK

Wireless module PULSE TALK | Product Innovations

Wireless module PULSE TALK