The design classic PERLON RIPS by ANKER with its numerous innovative improvements continues to impress today, just as it did when it was first created in the late 1950s.

In the German Bundestag, the Federal Chancellery, numerous ministries, many financial-services sector public buildings, hotels and office buildings, as well as in countless other prominent buildings, visitors' attention is immediately drawn downwards to the ANKER carpeting. And not only there, because the manufacturer also produces specially woven carpets for most airlines including Lufthansa and Emirates. In this demanding sector, ANKER is one of the few international suppliers that can meet the high quality and safety requirements of the airline business.

Its range of products extends from classically woven fabrics, through modern patterned tufting items, to a large array of carpet tiles and rugs. Among its most famous products is the interior classic PERLON RIPS. Developed in 1959 as the original textile floor-covering, it has long since attained worldwide recognition and continues to be entirely produced by ANKER today. The unique weaving of the carpet, its compact structure and the precise standing naps are characteristics of the entire PERLON RIPS family. The PERLON RIPS LCS collection, the «colour encyclopaedia of textile-flooring design», also links the PERLON RIPS design classic with the famous Le Corbusier colour chart. Collaborating with renowned national and international architects and interior designers is a long-standing tradition at ANCHOR. Those enthused by the possibilities of textile creative floor design have included Charles Mackintosh, Mies van der Rohe, Egon Eiermann, Thomas Beuker, Andrée Putman and Sir Norman Foster.

The company’s innovativeness is also reflected in the latest generation of textile flooring: the FLAT textile hard covering. Extremely hard woven, these carpets have a highly purist design, appearance and surface image. The new product category is possible through the use of advanced high-end web technology in conjunction with a sophisticated design and reduced material use. The product is further proof of the wide range of colours and designs on offer, and of the creative brand-power of the Düren-based woven-carpet specialists. The global company is the market leader in the premium contract-carpets segment and is today being run in its sixth generation. It currently employs 330 people.


Text: Katja Reich