The successful sport sector is a true pioneer in its field, using innovative technology to create lightweight, perfect fitting sport shoes. With their groundbreaking design, intricate construction and high-tech fibres, they promise to open up totally new possibilities for athletes. What is revolutionising the world of running is equally good for today’s dynamic office workers. The designer Daniel Figueroa and the ergonomics experts from Dauphin have worked closely together and come up with a special seamless backrest fabric for “X-Code”. Designed to meet the needs of dynamic office workers, it moulds to users’ movements like a second skin. However, this is just one of a number of new design approaches and unique features.

The striking backrest is made up of a sturdy plastic shell with a flexible tensioned membrane. In order to achieve optimum support for the back, the membrane is complemented by an adaptable slatted structure. As a result, the three-part backrest remains transparent and breathable. An integrated lordosal support provides cushioning across the slatted structure and ensures maximum pressure distribution in the lumbar spine area. What is particularly striking about these chairs is the way in which their functions influence and determine their overall styling. For example, the horizontal gaps in the backrest shell not only provide support and allow ventilation but are also one of the characteristic design features of “X-Code”.

At the heart of the chairs is the innovative backrest fabric which can be manufactured in a single step. Thanks to the patented “Wovenit” technology, it is possible to produce freely modellable surfaces with specific functions from textile materials. When applied to sport shoes or seating, this means an ultra lightweight, virtually seamless fabric which moulds to movements like a second skin. This innovative “X-Code” backrest combination comprising a supporting plastic shell, a tensioned membrane-like slatted structure and the soft “Wovenit” fabric ensures optimum climatic conditions when sitting and provides optimum support for the entire back. This results in an active yet relaxed posture without the typical symptoms of fatigue. In addition, one-step precision machining of the fabric with no trimming or tailoring reduces the amount of waste produced during manufacture by up to 30 percent. This is one reason why “Wovenit” technology has won the support of the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

With the “X-Code” range, all of the operating components are arranged ergonomically, are easily accessible and are integrated compactly into the mechanism. For example, the infinite seat-tilt adjustment feature (-2° to -8°) is part of the seat itself. Indeed, the small dial at the rear of the seat shell is the only indication that the chair offers such a function. It enables users to adjust the chair individually when sitting – an important function when it comes to achieving a healthy seated posture. The chairs also feature a “QR code” which allows the operating instructions to be viewed even when on the move.

In addition to physical fitness and performance, the multiple use of components was an important consideration too. The “X-Code” ergonomics concept designed to support the back is based on a new mechanical module which can be used independently for various chair products. Flexible production and a flexible pricing structure enable customers to select anything from a simple, low-price chair to a high-specification luxury model from a single product range. This principle is aimed at meeting sustainability and environmental protection criteria. In addition “X-Code” is certified in accordance with the “Bifma level e3” and “Blue Angel”.


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