The month of March marks 25 years of blickfang shopping in Stuttgart. To commemorate this milestone, the Hamburger design studio Besau Marguerre has agreed to create a limited-edition tablecloth collection and to oversee the creation of a banquet table.

blickfang has been inspired and shaped by the independent design world – and has conversely left its own impression. Today's customers in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Basel, Zurich and Vienna eagerly await the blickfang event, whereas in 1993 the idea of presenting interior design, furniture, fashion and jewelry under one roof was of itself new.

CEO Jennifer Reaves reflects, “We were the first ones to fully recognize the retail aspect of the independent design community." Or as the Swiss home textile designer Isabel Bürgin, who has won the blickfang Zurich design prize twice, says: "My continued presence in the blickfang over the last 16 years has proven to be indispensable. My company is too small for the normal retail channels and I need this platform to find new customers".

That’s why design idols will showcase their designs right next to up and coming talents on the upcoming blickfang Stuttgart. The keen eye for unique ideas and young talents sets blickfang apart and makes it worth a visit even on its 25th anniversary from March 17th to 19th.

CEO Jennifer Reaves says: "The independent designer scene and blickfang grew up together. The results are a treasure trove of experience and insider knowledge that's not to say we've grown old. The company is rather alert, flexible and full of life.” Up and coming talents such as Emile van Hoogdalem, Minuuk or Weld & Co are proof of that.

For the anniversary, the popular design studio Besau-Marguerre has agreed to come on board and will be responsible for the creation of a banquet table to symbolize the birthday party. Lights from famous design brands will join furniture from up and coming designers. Cutlery from serial production joins tabletop prototypes. The goal is to present a collection that is not just unconventional but also embodies passion and character – and shares the anniversary with those who have helped make the blickfang the success story that is has become.

Among the displayed design items, which will be incorporated within the blickfang's online shop for a short time, one piece is particularly desirable: The limited-edition tablecloth collection Studio Besau Marguerre exclusively created for the blickfang jubilee. CEO Jennifer Reaves expresses her approval saying, "It's a wonderful birthday present. Designed in our blickfang city of Hamburg, launched at our flagship event in Zurich and now available in our hometown Stuttgart, I can't think of anything better symbolizing our birthday. And if our customers have something to celebrate on their own, they can now create their very own birthday table – blickfang style!”

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