It is the diversity and wealth of variants provided by Goslar-based manufacturer Alape that enables planners and architects to tune statement and dominance of a basin to follow almost any design approach. Alape's innovative strength combines more than 100 years of experience in handling glazed steel with an unconditional concentration on the essentials of bathroom design. This results in absolutely precise puristic basins and washstands which, thanks to their designs and adaptability, open up solutions with a particular architectural affinity.

With the development of the dish basins at the end of the 1990s, Alape ushered in a new era of washplace aestheticisation. The Goslar-based manufacturer's technical expertise and the creative possibilities of glazed steel made it possible to implement the specific requirements of shaping technology and edge processing. Glazed steel is extremely durable and allows us to re-define its boundaries time and again. Using a deep-drawing process, the titanium-stabilised custom steel used by Alape flows to create the intended basin shape. Thanks to the experience evolved over generations, we can now realise shapes with minimal radii and edge angles of 89 degrees. A laser system precisely cuts the required raw shape contours from the sheet. At the same time, openings are laser-cut for fittings, fixings and functional integration. This creates Alape's characteristic precision of surfaces, edges and cut-outs. Edge-bending of the sheet results in the requested height of basin or washstand. Following careful soldering and grinding of the open corners that appear, the finished blank is ready and the glaze—composed of a primer and two (coloured) topcoats—applied by hand. After each glaze, there is a baking process at 830° to permanently fuse steel and glaze. The result is a hard-wearing product with the robustness of steel and the chemical resistance of glass.

This technical process and its precise execution enabled us to develop expressive basins from 3mm glazed steel such as "Unisono" and "Metaphor." The sit-on basins developed in collaboration with sieger design are surrounded by a side panel of just 3mm thickness, which seamlessly joins the base plate. Their resilient steel frames and homogeneous glass surfaces keep the basins extremely robust and hard-wearing despite their small material thickness. The basins can be used in a variety of spaces because each one is available in three different sizes.

The latest innovation is a combination of these two basin series with a floor-standing glazed steel frame. A delicate chrome ring interfaces both elements and creates a harmonious unity. The cylindrical "Unisono" washstand is available in diameters of 325mm and 400mm, while the rectangular "Metaphor" washstand measures 500 × 375mm. Both are wall-mounted and can be used with wall-mounted taps or floor-standing fittings.

The highly precise edges and the minimal tolerances also allow additional variants of the "Unisono", Metaphor and the novel "2step" basin series: These protruding built-in basins present themselves with an edge that seems to extend from the counter top or furniture. While the recess disappears in the furniture, the delicate 3mm basin edge projects 25mm beyond the top and sets the scene as a decisive design element. Apart from its design-specific aspect, this installation method also serves a functional purpose as it reduces the loss of storage space within the furniture while allowing a large and comfortable basin depth.

The novel "2step" distinguishes itself by two main aspects: The narrow basin edge, which is just 3mm thick, and the characteristic design of the tap area. Two steps give the basin its depth and split the actual trough in two levels, separating it from the tap area. It lends itself as a functional shelf for all those accessories that can wet during use. Thanks to the surrounding basin edge you can put these accessories down while counter top and furniture remain dry. "2step"'s particular attraction is its precision of angles, lines, and contours. This dimensional and positional stability cannot be valued highly enough, as it is the prerequisite for the precise installation into a counter top or a piece of furniture. "2step" is available in two installation versions: Alape's built-in basin is a delicate custom solution with a standard basin edge projecting 25mm beyond the counter top.

In flush-mounted installations, for instance in natural stone bench tops, the upper basin edge and the counter top material are adjacent and create a harmonious finish, with the joint being nearly invisible.

This type of installation also brings out the best in the new rectangular "Stream" basin. It lives up to its name as its contemporary trough shape keeps everything in a state of flux. Right angles feature only in the exterior contours of some models. For the rest, precisely calculated radii determine the basin shape. This is most evident in the sit-on basin, whose inner and outer shape/view as well as the top view coincide to reveal a precise object with fascinating contours, impressive elegance and strong functionality.

This functionality—derived from the shape of the trough itself, its volume, a spacious width and a balanced depth—enables all types of installation. Apart from the classic undermount, built-in, sit-on, dish basin or washstand versions, some of which depend on the counter top used, you can also choose a flush-mounted installation. "Stream's" characteristic narrow edge, which is integrated into the surface of the counter top, traces the radius of the trough and incorporates it into the design concept without dominating it.

The perfect balance is achieved by harmoniously combining the precise appearance of a glazed steel basin and a functional trough that is characterised by fluent transitions. The basin will fit its role perfectly and live up to contemporary needs in any bathroom or sanitary area design concept.

In the search for architectural solutions that blend in and enhance the room, the guidelines for product development at Alape are not only based on daily routines and the need for functionality but also on aesthetic requirements.

Whether it is for a compact miniature wet room or for medium- to large-sized master bathrooms—the bathroom industry's most varied portfolio is clearly categorised into constructional elements, surfaces, and functions. Moreover, depending on the design task, tailored solutions can be derived from the standard range. Production-dependent finishing details of the products enable a wide range of design options. Basin troughs or shelf spaces can be positioned on the right or left, and we can even implement custom corner solutions. Together with a wealth of basin shapes and dimensions, Alape's product portfolio for designing washplaces has long since met the criteria of custom production.

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