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    Innovative STARON® Facade Cladding Points

    Sascha Peters


    Ever since the mid-nineties, flowing and organic forms that shape facade and roof design have been a prominent trend in contemporary architecture. Whereas in the past the implementation of special facade solutions required architects to cooperate

    STARON® Hotel Room Doors for the Smart Hotel of the Future

    Sascha Peters


    Just as over the past decade online booking systems have simplified the search for the right accommodation for the next holiday or an upcoming business trip, new communication technology combined with innovative materials will in future extend and

    Polyhydroxybutyrates (PHB) reinforced by nano particles

    Sascha Peters


    As a result of diminishing resources and rising prices the age of oil is drawing to a close. Accordingly there is increasing interest in renewable raw materials as alternative sources.

    Translucent insulated glass

    Sascha Peters


    The extension to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City is an impressive example of the use of translucent but opaque glass facades.

    Polycarbonate goes Olympic

    Sascha Peters


    The locations for the competitions in this summer's Olympic Games in China had to meet a range of criteria.