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    Where the Future Happens

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    In September, we saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch. Much has already been said about the potential impact of this device on the worlds of consumer electronics, fashion, well-being and productivity. It’s certainly a step forward

    Flooring: Spaces, Signs and Senses

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    India is one of the most stimulating environments I have ever been in. It was in Viluppuram, a small town in the far south-east of India, 40 km west of the Bay of Bengal, that I discovered Rangoli, a symbolic floor art, outside many people’s homes.

    Heading into Virtual Worlds

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    Without realising it, we’re on autopilot almost all of the time, filtering information aurally, physically and visually at an amazing rate. Our nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 250 miles per hour, faster than a Formula 1 car!

    Furnishing: designing for a wider context

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    An architecturally oriented flexibility and modularity in furnishing is responding to the increasing need for spaces that cover a diversity of user needs. Orgatec investigates.

    Interior acoustics: Innovation inspiration

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    Following take-off on a recent flight from Hong Kong to London – and just as I settle into my seat – a baby starts to scream! The commotion is coming from towards the back of the A380. I contemplate an entirely sleepless night flight and then


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    Creative light-shaping by architects and interior architects, married with ingenious, technologically driven lighting solutions, are changing the way we experience, interact with and use light in work, contract and other spaces. It's a new dawn.