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      Why Tschumi Matters



      In architecture, there is a fear of “theory.” Ever since the end of the Critical Project in the 1990s, many in the discipline have backed away from directly engaging with social and political thought...

      Zen architecture: Eurasian Serenity



      With Tadao Ando’s Vitra Campus conference pavilion gleaming in the mind, deeper research reveals that Zen architecture has become something entirely different than Zenshūyo (Zen) – the Japanese Buddhist style derived from Chinese Song Dynasty

      On the Future of Design in Switzerland

      Klaus Leuschel


      The awards ceremony for this year’s Design Prize Switzerland (Design Preis Schweiz) in Langenthal on 30 October will conclude the scheme’s 13th edition. Thanks to the ‘diversified competition structure’ (as the organisers put it), the current

      Twenties, Sixties, Now

      Klaus Leuschel


      Ab dem 25. Oktober wird im Museum Marta Herford die Ausstellung »Die Brüder Rasch und ihre Im­pulse für die moderne Architektur« zu sehen sein, an deren Vorbereitung ich mit einem ungeheuer engagierten Team unter Roland Nachtigäller, dem


      Klaus Leuschel


      ‘The people did not like St Paul’s. They were against the Eiffel Tower. They liked neither the Sydney Opera House nor the Centre Pompidou. But today, millions of photos of these buildings are sent around the world via e-mail and by phone.’ (Jan