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'Modell Bauhaus'



Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and Klassik Stiftung Weimar present a combined exhibition.

90 Years Bauhaus

Nils Becker


Exactly 90 years ago Weimar saw the foundation of the institution which more than any other influenced the architecture, design and art of the twentieth century.

The Bauhaus comes from Weimar

Klassik Stiftung Weimar


Klassik Stiftung Weimar celebrates the 90th birthday of the founding of the Bauhaus

ABB cooperates with Bauhaus Dessau



ABB equipped the new museum building with safe and smart building technology.

Back to the future: 100 years of the Bauhaus

Dominic Lutyens


The game-changing phenomenon that was the Bauhaus is still very much present in our built and material environment. Amid the centenary celebrations, we take an objective look at its significance.

Unknown »Bauhaus« by Gropius and Breuer discovered



Häuser shows an exclusive photo report on the villa in Pittsburgh

From Bauhaus to Wowhouse: 5 modernism-embracing builds

Simon Keane-Cowell


100 years since the founding of the Bauhaus. 5 contemporary projects that channel its spirit.

Anni Albers and the forgotten women of the Bauhaus

Dominic Lutyens


The Bauhaus, the interwar German design school that profoundly influenced later developments in art, architecture, product design and typography, was a complex, contradictory crucible of ideas.

Smart before there was smart: The Frankfurt Kitchen

Jaime Heather Schwartz


Before the smart kitchen came the standardised kitchen. No one did more to shape the landscape of this most-essential of domestic spaces than Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, with her 1926 Frankfurt Kitchen project.

And the livin' is easy: Busch-Jaeger

Brand story

Gerrit Terstiege


German specialists in smart-building technology BUSCH-JAEGER have developed a multitude of networked products and services that impress with their simple, intuitive usability and discreet elegance.

Less is more: ABB-free@home Wireless from Busch-Jaeger

Brand story

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


The intelligent switches available within the ABB-free@home range by BUSCH-JAEGER allow you to upgrade your home to wireless control without undoing existing cabling.

Smarter Home – Busch-Jaeger 140th anniversary



There were plenty of reasons to visit Busch-Jaeger at the IFA in Berlin this year – not least, to help them celebrate 140 years of company history.

Villa Vola



The Starnberg architects Baehr-Rödel have used some of the company's classic models from Vola in planning a ‘Bauhaus-style villa’ on the Ammersee lake.

The Smart Home as a jewel: Busch-Jaeger



A family in Datteln built itself a smart home. The home automation from BUSCH-JAEGER makes life easier, starting with door communication.

Rockouture Sofa by Giorgio Soressi for Erba Italia

Erba Italia


Rockouture is a piece that combines the classic patterns such as capitonné with themes paying homage to the eclecticism Bauhaus such as the metal structure.,100% Made in Italy for a distinctly eclectic piece with unique design.,Frame covered with

S 123 H



The British designer James Irvine has created a height-adjustable bar stool for Thonet, which impresses with its simple elegance. Its curved foot support is in line with the company's tubular steel tradition, which goes right back to the Bauhaus

The past with a future

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


Designs from the Bauhaus era are still as contemporary as ever. TECNOLUMEN’s aim is to recreate the lamps of the period based on original drawings, and to manufacture them according to current technical standards. Contemporary designs supplement

Ruedi Baur: Swiss Graphic Design – Past, Present and ...



There is one country that has contributed more than any other to the history of graphic design, which became an official discipline at the start of the 20th century. The country in question has a multi-faceted identity and is pacifist and rather

Les Arts décoratifs de Paris: Cosmopolitan French Taste



Les Arts décoratifs, the Paris-based applied arts organisation, preserves the art of French living while keeping time with contemporary creation and craft.

Chair squared: Richard Lampert

Brand story

Katharina Sommer


Don’t fall between two stools – especially not if they are RICHARD LAMPERT’s Prater and Santa Lucia chairs.

Icons of design: Thonet

Atrium Magazin für Wohnkultur, Design und Architektur


At THONET, a constant process of reinvention and the cultivation of tradition and craftsmanship are key.


Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)


Copenhagen Architecture Festival is Denmark’s largest architecture festival and the world biggest architecture film festival, and will open its sixth edition running from 4-14 April 2019 in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

The relevance of Danish design: BoConcept and Morten ...

Brand story

Nick Compton


Today, spaces in the home and at work need to adapt and function in different ways, making Danish design’s flexibility, simplicity and utility more relevant than ever.

Setting the tone: Arper

Brand story

Emma Moore


In a new report by Arper, the Italian furniture brand explores its relationship with colour, an element which, for them, is as integral to design as form or function.

Northern lights: Montana

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


In cooperation with the renowned colour expert Margrethe Odgaard, Danish manufacturer MONTANA has developed an impressive new colour palette.

Sky-Frame brings you out of your shell

Brand story

Alyn Griffiths


Find out why architects like Bjarke Ingels use glass solutions from the Swiss manufacturer Sky-Frame to break down the boundaries between inside and out.

Go with the flow: Wilkhahn

Brand story

Katharina Schwarze


With its fluid lines and perfectly interlocking parts, the AT office chair from WILKHAHN gives the impression its frame is a single, seamless element.

Polish Design History



Pushing beyond national borders, today’s fiercely energetic Polish design scene hasn’t forgotten its heritage. Emblematic of how history can influence contemporary design to foster new narratives, The Centre of Modern Design’s one-of-a-kind




In the process of furnishing a space, light plays a decisive role. Precisely for this reason Midj created its first collections dedicated to lighting.

History Repeating

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


You can never have enough of a good thing, so they say. But lovers of iconic lamps from the early 20th century were for decades deprived of the possibility of owning some of the most striking luminary pieces by the Wiener Werkstätte and the Bauhaus,

Taking it to the next level: new residential towers

Dominic Lutyens


Architects demonstrate how high-rise can mean high-density, but not at the expense of contextual awareness or safety. 

Everything Plus the Kitchen Sink: BLANCO

Brand story

Sabina Strambu


German kitchen sink and mixer tap specialist BLANCO combines a ninety-year tradition of producing superbly designed products with a distinct flair for the Zeitgeist.

Lighting the way: AYNO by MIDGARD

Midgard Licht


Designed by Stefan Diez and winner of a German Sustainability Award for 2021, AYNO is the first draft of a new Midgard lamp since the 1950s, and spans an arc from the origins to the present of adjustable lighting – in the truest sense of the word.

Modern Talking

Brand story

Bethan Ryder


Having established itself, through its collaboration with an impressive international cohort of designers, as a premium accessories brand, MENU’s highly considered, new Modernism Reimagined collection successfully positions the high-end Danish

Form follows function: The Pocketsystem



What do you do if you need a lot of storage space in the kitchen but don't want it to be immediately visible? Or if you would like to integrate the kitchen into the living area or the office?

neue räume 15: Novelties, Facts and Figures, Exbihitors

Neue Räume


Once again various exhibitors use “neue räume” to present their novelties for the very first time to the public. We are happy to announce some of the exiting new products.

Ingo Maurer: Angel’s light



TLmag had the privilege to speak with Ingo Maurer about his amazing creative adventure with light, that today has led him to create real architectural structures. The angel refers of course to Lucellino, his famous lightbulb with white feathered

Coming Soon: Framing Trends



Artists, as well as design and architecture students, are developing creative flooring projects around the Unique Youniverse theme, providing a glimpse into their work in progress.

Autoban: Highway to Design



Star designers in their own country, Seyhan and Sefer, founders of Autoban, have been putting Turkish design back on the international map for almost a decade. A recently released monograph, published by Gestalten, traces the origins of their

Innovative technology and creative spirit are in the new ...



Following years of important projects with the protagonists in design and architecture, DesignTaleStudio, Refin’s creative ceramic laboratory, has chosen to hand this new project to a team of professionals experienced in visual communication and

From Start to Finnish: Architonic surveys Scandinavian ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


With leading Finnish design brand Artek reissuing two of its fellow countryman Tapio Wirkkala's striking designs from the late 1960s and early 70s, as well as first-time-round, 'vintage' pieces of his being shown at international design fairs such as

Centre Stage for light

Light + Building


It is also often nice if details stay invisible. Fully in accordance with the Bauhaus maxim – now a hundred years old.

The best seat in the house: ZÜCO

Brand story

Katharina Sommer


ZÜCO may have been in business for almost a century, but that doesn’t stop the Swiss seating experts embracing the latest technology for enviable ergonomics.

Schüco declares open season!

Brand story

Mareile Morawietz


Architectural boundaries are blurring thanks to German manufacturer SCHÜCO.


Brand story

Emma Moore


How to create furniture that responds to the increasing demand for diverse functionality? Commission a diversity of designers. TACCHINI shows how it's done.

Design Week Mexico 2017 draws record attendance and awards ...

Press Office - Design Week Mexico


The 9th edition of Design Week Mexico — the country’s prominent platform for design and architecture — closed on Sunday October 15th, with an ambitious program of exhibitions, residencies, talks, architectural interventions and trade fairs

People Will Talk: Dornbracht Conversations 3

Simon Keane-Cowell


Put a group of designers, curators and design writers in a room and what do you get? The Dornbracht Conversations. The third annual platform for intelligent dialogue on the state of design, past, present and future, hosted by German design

I can see clearly now: SwissFineLine

Brand story

Gerrit Terstiege


The Swiss family company SWISSFINELINE specialises in the manufacture of large glass surfaces for windows, doors and railings that allow a view of everything but the structural elements.

Eternal flame: Fold by Steininger.Designers

Brand story

Julia Hauch


If the gods on Mount Olympus had a kitchen, it might just resemble FOLD, the monolithic, shimmering-gold kitchen block by STEININGER.DESIGNERS.

Helvetian Heroes: enduring Swiss design

Simon Keane-Cowell


It's fair to say that certain countries have, over the years, been more successful than others in terms of marketing a distinctive and compelling national design identity abroad. The very human kind of modernism expressed in the furniture of postwar

It doesn't get any more colourful than this: Jakob ...

Brand story

Mareile Morawietz


With its creative new fabric and wallpaper collections, Swiss fabric-firework specialist JAKOB SCHLAEPFER supplies planners and designers with the tools they need for realising truly extraordinary interior projects.

Down to earth: Interface

Brand story

Katharina Sommer


Synonymous with sustainability, the floor manufacturer INTERFACE has established its new German headquarters and showroom according to the principles of Biophilic Design.

DOMOTEX 2018: Many New Features



The world’s leading trade fair for floor coverings continues to evolve: from 2018 on, DOMOTEX will feature a new layout, new scheduling and an annual keynote theme.

Vintage Scandinavian furniture



It’s a real phenomenon, an undeniable success. How did designers from different countries who share common values, manage to create a style more than sixty years ago, that retains a remarkably modernist appeal, and continues to fuel the demand for

Rendez-vous with Alessandro Mendini: Saba Italia

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Inspired Italian manufacturer SABA ITALIA's new Rendez-vous sofa system has taken up residence in a Milan interior designed by Alessandro Mendini for the brand's S'–Magazine.

A light reduction: mawa design

Brand story

Katharina Sommer


German lighting manufacturer MAWA DESIGN has leveraged its visually pared-down and formally perfect designs to position itself internationally as the go-to supplier of advanced, architectural lighting systems.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Skargaarden

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


Swedish summers are rather short. Which may be why outdoor-furniture manufacturer Skargaarden produces pieces that celebrate every precious, sun-filled moment of outdoor living.

Textiles, architecture and the human being in dialogue: nya ...

Brand story

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Founded 55 years ago, the international textile editeur NYA NORDISKA has continually pursued its aesthetic philosophy of minimalism, in addition to using textiles as a means to invoke a sense of wellbeing in an architectural landscape.

More is more: GIMA

Brand story

Mareile Morawietz


German brick manufacturer GIMA has been providing architects with the building blocks they need for bringing designs to life since 1903, and, today, offer not only a wide range of brick and paving possibilities, but innovative, bespoke,

Swiss chair design through the decades



A useful piece of furniture or a beloved design object? A chair can be many things. At the same time, it tells us something about the person who designed it, as well as the social and economic context of the times it was designed in. Take a seat! (DE

SWISS DESIGN MEXICO: 11 - 15 October at Design Week Mexico

Press Office - Design Week Mexico


Being a guest country in DESIGN WEEK MEXICO 2017 is a great honor for Switzerland, especially a few months from the World Design Capital Mexico 2018 that will reveal the Mexican capital in the World.

HFDA’s design LAB promotes the best in Hungarian design

Brand story

Dominic Lutyens


In collaboration with the established French design institute VIA, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is seeking to put Hungarian design on the world map.

Olgiati’s Purity



Valerio Olgiati’s architecture is all about purity. It embodies a purity of form, of material, of light and of aesthetic experience. The structures that he and his atelier design are striking. For students of architecture, they are textbook

Le Corbusier Reloaded: LC2 at designfunktion



Angular, cubic, clear – and surprisingly comfortable: like no other piece of furniture, Le Corbusier's chair LC2 represents the furniture design of early modernism. The manufacturer Cassina has now clad the classic, designed in 1928, in new

Glazed Expression

Brand story

Giovanna Dunmall


It’s ten years and counting for DesignTaleStudio, high-end Italian tile manufacturer CERAMICHE REFIN’s in-house research lab, which continues to push the boundaries of what’s technically and aesthetically possible in ceramics through its bold

Run for cover: Trends at Domotex 2018



Print technologies for creating unique products, sound-absorbing designer flooring, super-fluffy textured carpets and the rediscovery of herringbone parquet: sustainability is the universal aspect uniting the new flooring designs at DOMOTEX 2018.

The Revenant

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


Hear the name RICHARD NEUTRA and you’d be forgiven for thinking first and foremost of the legendary Austrian-American architect’s sun-kissed Californian villas. But, as premium German furniture manufacturer VS highlights through a unique staging,

Size Doesn’t Matter: contemporary Nordic architects who ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Head north and you'll find a thriving design culture where the level of consideration given to the way things look, feel and work isn't determined by their scale. Be they housing projects, chairs or taps, the Scandinavian approach to design continues

Lean On Me: wall-supported furniture and lighting

Dominic Lutyens


We all need a little support sometimes. Behind the growing trend in furniture and lighting for wall-leaning or wall-mounted designs is a diversity of factors, among them the practical, the social and the aesthetic. Architonic gets up close and

A high-temperature laboratory for glass and light

Brand story

Ulrich Büttner


The name of both the company and the brand is labo crème brûlée. It's a name which suggests fire and flames, and Christian Seltmann, his wife Tania Theler Seltmann and his brother Philipp are full of burning enthusiasm for their new project. The

The Grand Hotel: The Bourgeois Dream of an Aristocratic ...

Klaus Leuschel


Journalist Klaus Leuschel provides a crash course in, and a guided tour of, grand hotels, and how even design excellence in the five-star tradition is of no avail when the quality of hospitality does not match it.

Design Week Mexico unveils program for its 9th edition

Press Office - Design Week Mexico


which hosts Switzerland as Guest Country and Puebla as Guest State