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The Saint Petersburg office of Yandex company is situated close from the Finland Railway Station. It occupies the fourth floor of reconstructed 1970s building. The original columns and work frames have been preserved. At the client's request, the za bor architects used a layout with individual rooms strung along a corridor. To soften the impression, the role of internal walls is played by glazed partition. Translucent green, yellow and orange coating has been used to add bright colours to the gray and white interior. In the corridor and common spaces the ceiling has been left open, while in the meeting rooms, individual offices and work rooms fix acoustic screen.Yandex is a company that pays a great deal of attention its employees. In the office there are about 250 people. They have of a billiard table in the dinning room, a separate sports room and a library.


Yandex company

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za bor architects

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