This 5-story housing is built in the site next to the Big Park (Shakujii Park). The main concept is to take in the beautiful nature around the site. I considered a new collective form with natural public spaces while dealing with the strict regulations of building area. I placed a court and softly articulated it from the trees nearby by louvers. This court function as an agora for residents. The entrance hall connects with the court and the city through glasses.
Light and wind come from the court which is paced with natural slates. Two housing units are right next to the court, so these two units are like detached houses. Bay windows in each units are architectural devices by which residents are able to see the trees in the court and in the park.

This was an attempt to create an environment where living spaces smoothly expand from every units to the public spaces by introducing public places of the city into the apartment and mingling them with the nearby nature.

YDS Architects