The Naistenlahti Power Plant (Naistenlahden voimalaitos) is an important landmark with regard to the Tampere cityscape and thus proved a challenging and interesting lighting assignment. The plant is in the vicinity of downtown Tampere, near a recreational path and busy bypass road running along the shore of area lake Näsijärvi.

The starting point for the new façade lighting was to develop the area’s landscape for periods of darkness, with the power plant site being the central feature when viewed from the land and from the lake.

The new facade lighting highlights the most visible calling card of the Tampereen Sähkölaitos electric company in a manner that blends in well with the landscape and cityscape, providing the building with a positive, modern image. The main idea is a clear and simple visual presence. The large façade surfaces are lit with programmable floodlights using the CMY colour model, while the peat conveyer is lit with red light from floodlights placed on lighting masts and on the roof. The programmable nature of the lighting makes it possible to alter the appearance of the building to suit the season, national holidays, etc.

The details of the façade – in other words, the decorative lattice and pilaster – are highlighted with lines of light. The lighting on the decorative lattice consists of LED lights that form a programmable LED matrix covering the vertical latticework. A vertical programmable line theme consisting of LED lights runs along the edge of the pilaster. Text, images, and colour can be overlaid on the matrix formed by the programmable LED points.

The completed façade lighting entity sends a message of modernity, efficiency, and quality. It is intended to add joy and colour to the lives of Tampere residents and visitors at the darkest times of the year.

Valoa Design Ltd
Roope Siiroinen