There is no type of project to which the renowned Brazilian lighting designer Guinter Parschalk does not bring consummate technical skill and formal taste. With extensive experience and a passion for light that has few equals in South America, most of whom hail from Mexico, over the years Parschalk has created for himself a role as specialist in residential lighting with projects that are notable for the clarity of the stylistic signature and the way the lighting solutions harmonize with building architecture.

A typical example is the lighting concept he realized for the Esteves House. The couple who owns this home in one of São Paulo’s most beautiful and coolest neighborhoods allowed Guinter Parschalk a free hand, and the resulting lighting solutions are characterized by great innovation and originality. 

The focal point of the entire home is the dining room, for which Parschalk designed a special lighting fixture made of large “shards” of glass that recalls Oscar Niemeyer’s designs of the Fifties. The pieces of glass, of different dimensions, thickness, transparency, and color, are “hung” edgewise inside a metal box, the perimeter of which is illuminated by fluorescent light and an RGB color system; several halogen projectors are installed at the center. This solution offers a practically infinite number of lighting effects for creating atmospheres capable of transforming mealtimes into unique experiences.

Design team:

Guinter Parschalk