• Murano White

    Murano White


I-SUITE is the first all-suite design hotel of the Rimini Riviera, entirely composed of suites. A five-star hotel with an ultrachic and contemporary design, directly overlooking the sea.
The context that stands out clearly from all the other adjacent buildings is very special. The structure is made of glass and embraces two sides of the pool that covers the central area.
The water is maintained at a temperature of 32-34 degrees to make it suitable both in summer and winter.
The pool was designed by the Florence Studio Hero of the Arch. Simone Micheli a few years ago. It has recently been renewed and completely covered with Sicis small mosaic tesserae (10x10 mm).
All the beaches have been made with a blend of Murano White 50% Enamel with normal tiles and SicisGrip tiles. The beach is the area that slowly descends towards the water. When the water wets the beach and until it is rather low there is a danger of slipping. With this finish the danger has been averted. The remaining of the pool is covered in plain white. There is no difference between the mixture and the solid color.