This project aimed at the transformation of the Old Colares Tram Station in Sintra into a craft beer factory and bar. Given the importance of pre-existence regarding the history and landscape, the proposal promoted only the necessary changes for the better functioning of the interior space, articulating the public and technical path in a more functional way. The exterior of the building has not changed.

The building was divided into two distinct parts: the tram garage, accessible from an outside gate, and the workers' area, divided into rooms, offices and toilets.

Due to its easy access from outside and its size, the proposal converts the old garage into the brewing area. The length of the space and its high ceilings gradually allow more and larger machines to be added without any space being required.

The former waiting room, office and dispatch area are joined together, making it a unique space where beer lovers are welcomed. The production area and the bar are connected by a huge space that offers a moment of contemplation. Thus, sitting at the counter, visitors can watch the production of the beer they enjoy, realizing the process. The technical space, not visible to visitors, is dedicated to the kitchen, toilets and changing rooms, articulating with the public area, the production area and containing the necessary routes for workers and supply.

The intervention sought the reuse of existing elements and the application of durable materials and industrial aesthetics. The balcony was built with solid brick and wood from the tram line, using all of the old materials that were left on the space.

The existing frames and shutters were treated and kept in their original yellow color, which extended to some of the new elements.

Design Team:

Author: Gonçalo Moleiro / João Bilbao
Team: Gonçalo Moleiro / João Bilbao / Rita Chaves