DRoP! a new sneaker retail brand launches in Moscow
Everything about the new brand and flagship store, created and design by creative agency Rosie Lee, is steeped in sneaker and urban culture. It’s name and logo are inspired by the term sneakerheads use for new shoe releases and highlights the delivery method to get valuable products to hard to reach areas. The design of the livery and the store itself are inspired by urban street environments with the graphics taking a lead from airmail aesthetics using a colour palette rooted in contemporary sneaker culture aesthetics.

Every sneakerhead pays close attention to drop dates – it’s essential to ensuring you can cop the latest sneakers that excite you the most. The historical origin of the term ‘drop’ in this context comes from airdrops, where essential supplies are literally dropped from aircraft to people in otherwise inaccessible locations. The use of this term has evolved to mean the first delivery of any streetwear product – fitting perfectly with DRoP!’s mission to deliver the freshest product to hungry sneakerheads. We used the combination of these two meanings as the inspiration for the logo.

Visual language
Graphic elements —such as the diagonal lines— and items throughout the store —like DRoP! of the Week— are inspired by the anticipation of receiving a fresh sneaker delivery and the feeling of the unboxing moment.The colours are inspired by prevailing trends in sneaker culture that have rooted themselves as mainstays: all-black-everything; clean white; subtle military inspired hues.

Material palette / aesthetic
The material palette is inspired by the urban environment; the sneakerhead’s playground. We’re obsessive photographers and constantly draw inspiration from details in street furniture: from a steel panel covering the window of a derelict building to granite grooves in grand architecture, to accidental street art. For DRoP! we synthesized elements of the urban environment from Moscow and cities across the globe, recontextualising them to work in a retail environment that has it's rooted in experiences the sneakerhead can identify with.

For the DRoP! consumer, the first consideration in any outfit is their sneakers. We call this building your outfit from the feet up. To highlight this point of view, photographic compositions are arranged in reverse to tradition, so feet are always at the top of the composition

Rosie Lee