We have been commissioned by the London Design Festival to design an installation for the V&A Museum. With the great help of Polish Cultural Institute in London, we have started the process in June, we went through all of the stages of prototyping and we have finished it for the London Design Festival 2010! It was built in a unique FiDU technology and made even more unique - it is the world’s first rolled FiDU steel profile!

The installation, called Blow and Roll is made of large-scale steel elements of different lengths up to 20m and of different heights. The problem and the challenge was to bring it to the garden in one piece, like all the other pieces of the Museum’s exhibition. To achieve it, pieces were transported to London and brought to the garden flat and rolled, and then they were inflated with air to the final shape which fits the Madejski garden’s pond.
The aim for the installation is to take advantage of FiDU’s flexibility and to create objects that will interact with the dominating form of a pond (fountain) giving it the 3rd dimension. To strengthen the effect, glossy stainless steel was used – reflecting itself in the water, surroundings and in the elements – one in another.

The Blow & Roll installation will be shown at the Madejski Garden at the V&A Museum in London until the 1st week of November 2010.

Along with the installation, Zieta Prozessdesign is offering 125cm long elements of the world’s first rolled steel profile. It can be inflated by anyone at home using a simple bike inflation pump. It is available at Phillips de Pury exhibition space at the Saatchi Gallery and online at shop.zieta.pl

Watch the movies about the installation here: www.vimeo.com/15731169
Courtesy: Lima Charlie. www.limacharlie.tv
And read more here: www.zieta.pl


London Design Festival 2010
Polish Cultural Institute at the Victoria and Albert Museum