DeMimbre is a furniture collection made out of Mimbre de Cuenca, a natural fiber very similar to wicker or rattan, originary from Spain.

This material has been used to create quotidian objects and furniture from ancient times. Its traditional main appliances were to craft baskets, chairs, armchairs, sofas, cots, lamps, hats, and different domestic tools. Despite it lightness, it is a very strong fiber, but in regards to furniture making, it needs a structure to be supported. It used to be a wooden structure very similar to the ones used in non-mimbre furniture.

With this set of a chair and a stool, we try to rethink the way this material is used, so that we can make the most of it in both designs.

Duler is a chair with a very simple continuous metallic structure, that forms the legs and the back, from where the seat is hanging. The idea was to create a single shell of mimbre, woven in a way that allows the seat and the back to be a continuous structure as well. The most special issue about this chair, and the most beautiful at the same time, is the complexity of the weave, and how it meets the structure.

The shape and the metal of the frame gets on with the mimbre in a very armonic way that makes this simple design a very special piece. Its contemporaneousness is implemented by the cozy touch of tradition that the mimbre gives to it.

Thumi, on the other hand, represents a different way of bringing tradition to modern times.
With this piece, we study how to give a new condition to the traditional mimbre basket. In every spanish house there is a mimbre basket to keep the sewing tools, toys, towels or any other object that can be stored in a basket. They are very useful, and very often, we lay them on the floor or on a table while using their content. But, for obvious reasons we never sit on them. Until now. Just by adding a wooden lid and an internal structure to which three legs are fixed, we get a basket-stool that can achieve different heights by changing its legs’ length. So with Thumi, not only no surface is needed to lay the basket on, but also it can be used as a seat.

The proccess of weaving the mimbre takes time and requires years of experience to get a perfect technique. Our designs have been crafted by highly skilled artisans in Cuenca, an area of Spain with a very strong tradition of mimbre-work.