In this project, Sus, pig (in Latin) and Bonus, extra (but also good, honest, and useful) combine in a series of controversial objects: pigs may be both symbols of luck (‘Schwein gehabt’) but they also denote unsavoury behaviour.

The pig’s head as a teapot /tea but also as a light plays on this dichotomy: while lighting and tea drinking are everyday activities, the pig’s head is a ‘bonus’ or luxury object.

The tea set includes a teapot, cups with a plate. The ears of the pig head are connected by a magnet and can be removed and used as small cookie plates.

Teapot: 40x27 cm, H: 24,5 cm
Cup: 17x11 cm,H: 11 cm
Ears: 15x12 cm, H: 6 cm

The light object SUS BONUS with LED Lights hidden in the ears can stay on a table or to hang to a wall using the originall butcher cambrel.

Dimensions: 37X29 cm, H: 21 cm

Maria Volokhova