Arrested by the starry eyes of one special sheep head at the meat counter i was instantly taken back into Murakami’s novel “A Wild Sheep Chase,” whose mysterious sheep augmented powers and fulfilled wishes for the humans with whom it came in contact, I fell under its spell. I knew I had found my new project, or rather, my new project had found me.

In return for the magical and mythical experience, this sheep head found a new life in my project.
“Sheep Chase” features a sheep head, which is both a piece of art and functional vessel. Following the message of Murakami’s work and true to the magical power of the original, each sheep head is designed to enrich experiences and store wishes.

For example: the eyes of “Serving Sheep” can be removed and used as salt and pepper
shakers and the top of the head can be lifted to reveal a concealed a sugar bowl.

Following functional objects are available : Object, Tealight vessel, Salt&Pepper shaker, Sugar bowl, Marmelade Bowl

Dimensions Sheep Heads: 12,5x14x21 cm

SHEEP HEAD FITTINGS is for a speciall dinner experience with several courses. The set includes five different parts. Starting with a small plate for aperitif, a salad bowl, soup bowl, tea/drink cup can be removed during the food process. Finally there is a round plate for the main dish.

Sheep head Fittings: 13X15X21 cm
Plate D: 22 cm

Maria Volokhova