Within the development of Eastgate Park, namely the largest logistic and industrial masterplan in the North East of Italy and covering an area of 1,8 million of square meters, the new Polo per l’Innovazione Strategica has been completed. This new multifunctional building is generated by the cooperation between Portogruaro Council and Portogruaro Campus (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice) and has the objective of developing new business strategies by merging the university world, the business consulting world and the entrepreneurial world. Based on the idea that ‘anything that already works is already too old’ POLINS encourages companies to question their business model frequently to envisage what the future will be for both start ups and well established companies. The Polo per l’Innovazione Strategica is certified CasaClima Class A+, it is made of eco sustainable materials and uses only renewable energy fonts like FV solar panels and geothermal power. The fir laminated arches spanning 33 meters and covering the whole volume welcome the visitor with dynamic strength right from the street pavement and take him inside through ever changing spaces and ceiling heights. The main South exposure to the sun mitigates winter weather conditions while in summer the sun radiations are captured by photovoltaic louvers that act both as solar shades and as solar panels to produce energy. The ventilated facades are covered by black Gres tiles that protect from the elements and allow for natural cooling of the inner core of the walls keeping them in good conditions. Inside the building a number of offices are located together with a spacious conference hall for 150 people. Everything is clearly articulated so that no space is wasted. The conference hall has been studied thoroughly to enhance acoustic properties and in particular the ceiling is made of a number of silver anodised aluminium honey comb panels with of 2mm holes to capture the sound. While the number of panels required for acoustic reasons was rather great a special arrangement was carried out so that the ceiling feels light and almost transparent and the room is naturally top lit. POLINS is a building designed to inspire and lead the way to more sustainable architecture within one of the largest industrial estates in Italy.

Casa Clima Classe A+
Klima Haus Class A+

Pirelli Re / Fondo Spazio Industriale / Comune di Portogruaro