Media Technology in the Porsche Museum
The new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen strikes the eye not only because of it's extraordinary architecture but also because of the principle of a „Rolling Museum“. Completely new ideas were implemented in the field of the media technology used. The basis for this is an intelligent multimedia network with a modern and highly innovative solution: the Client/Server solution. The great advantage of this solution is that when exhibits are changed, the relevant information becomes available within a very short period of time at all media technology outputs. This also applies to the wireless information at the audio guides.

A further new and spectacular element of media technology is the „sound showers“ which have already been received with great enthusiasm by the museum's visitors. These sound showers simulate engine sounds of different cars very realistically, and vibrating floors trigger a sensation in the stomach. The visitors can see text information about the different cars on circular LED panels through parabolic openings.

A further highlight is the LED installation „917“. This digital large-scale area seamlessly transfers from the floor into the wall and thus integrates itself perfectly into the predefined architecture. It is made of a total of 320.000 LED lights with a pixel pitch of 22 mm. Covered by a thin screen, this installation produces an impressively clear picture even at a very close distance.

The Porsche Museum also holds a multifunctional conference area which will be used for the most diverse events e.g. product presentations or cultural events, both in-house and external. The conference area is a room which can be divided, and the media technology can be suited flexibly to the requirements both with regard to space and use by horizontally sliding screens and projectors. Two interpreting stations as well as press working places complete the facilities.

The entire media technology in the Porsche Museum as well as the entire concept are very dynamic and laid out for possible future expansion.

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Konzept: Jürgen Böpple, Boris Storz
Projektleiter: Boris Storz
Mitarbeiter: Michael Kottke, David Moor

Architekt: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
Ausstellungsgestaltung: HG Merz Architekten Museumsgestalter
Projektsteuerung: Drees & Sommer
Installation Medientechnik: ict Innovative Communication Technologies AG

New Porsche Museum by macom | AudioVisual Design | Museums

Photographer: © ict Innovative Communication Technologies AG

New Porsche Museum by macom | AudioVisual Design | Museums ×