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Hotel Missoni opened its doors in February 2011, allowing the public into this tranquil, bold and beautiful building. Whether you are enjoying a decadent hot chocolate in the Choco Cafe, or a refreshment by the pool, the overall design, quality and finish of the surroundings will leave visitors in awe.

The hotel has been brought to life by leading Italian textile and fashion house Missoni. Rosita Missoni, Creative Director for Missoni Home, worked closely with the design team, lending her passion for colour, texture and deeply patterned fabrics. Unexpected groupings of her vibrant textiles create a visually exciting showcase of the Missoni Home designs.

The lighting design is carefully integrated with the interior design scheme. KSLD worked with interior designers Graven Images to specify a beautiful selection of decorative lighting elements that play a key role in the interior design pallet. The architectural lighting is modest, functional and enhances the environment by focusing attention to design features, whilst elegant task lighting provides user comfort without drawing attention to the luminaires. All lighting elements were specified from renowned and reputable manufacturers and care was taken regarding colour rendering and colour temperature to showcase the intricacies of the textiles and offer comfort to the guests.

Varying sizes of feature pendants fringed with Missoni fabric are scattered throughout the hotel. The suspended structures support an interior spiral of low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps that accent the delicate and colorful fringes floating down from the ceiling.

Within all areas of the hotel, the lighting control system holds as much importance as the luminaires. We designed all public areas to evolve from sunrise to sunset and the interiors completely change in atmosphere depending on time of day, year and function. Most public area lighting is linked to a photocell and time clock to improve energy efficiency. Staff have overall control of the lighting scenes and can use pre-programmed control panels to select the perfect ambiance.
The pool deck is populated with feature pendants and floor-standing luminaires that create a relaxed and exquisite atmosphere, as the sun sets the pool area oozes colour and opulence. The warm and passionate glow escaping from the hotel interior is enhanced by sensitive landscape lighting, accenting entrance and seating areas, columns and planting, contrasting perfectly with the vibrant blue of the sea.

The panoramic views from the pool of the Arabian Gulf are breathtaking and pockets of light on the pool deck mimic the sparkles in the landscape viewed from the pool side terrace.

Kevan Shaw valued the opportunity to work with such an expressive and dedicated design team. The hotel is modern and magical. Arriving at the Hotel Missoni Kuwait you feel as if you have been welcomed into the famous Missoni family home.

The Rezidor Hotel Group

Interior Design Concept: Matteo Thun & Partners
Interior Designer: Graven Images
Architect: Dino Georgiou & Partners

Specified products

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