Since living room and kitchen have been growing together as the public spaces of a private home, this furniture meets the same trend taking place at the private areas such as bathroom and bedroom. Clear and straight design, white and soft colors combined with natural wood and open space interior arrangements create an atmosphere of comfort, ease and recreation.
The washstand is based on the tradition of washstand pitcher formerly having been used on a simple table or cupboard within the sleeping room. It combines functionality and aesthetics to install a more open space within home.

one piece washstand incorporates a sink, two-level counter top, a towel rack, and two different sized holders for brushes or jewelry, delivered with or without holes for faucet, the structure is demountable faucet shown on images by Vola designed by Arne Jacobsen.

Material, finish:
high-quality mineral composite, solid ash clear lacquered

Dimension: 121 x 95 x 59 cm

ellenbergerdesign, Jannis Ellenberger